The meaning of the name given

Viisions Walk within all of us, the minds eye such as dreams, those who are able to see the spirit world and the human eyesight of all living breathing things, the inner and outer sight of mankind is reality for all.

Life Force Is the very existence of all we depend upon. Mother Earth is the centre of our Life Force, the provider of plants, trees, the food we eat, the water we drink, the very air we breathe, this for each and all is the completion of the very sacred hoop of all life.

Foundation Is the very beginning of all we do, everything in Life starts with a Foundation. Without roots the trees and plants that we all enjoy these cannot grow, this is the foundation for their existence. With a firm Foundation all will withstand the Sands of Time.

The formation of Viisions Life Force Foundation has been achieved with the help of many people. The aim of this Foundation is to give help and support to the Native American Tribes across the United States Of America and the North, enabling them to continue with their beliefs and traditions of healing Mother Earth, through their sacred ceremonies and gatherings. As we all know, in life as we know it today much wisdom and knowledge along with sacred, traditional ways has and is being forgotten.

The Foundation is able with support and generosity of many, to send donations to the Tribes to help with various causes, thus enabling many to unite and work together and become once again a Nation of people who can stand, walk tall and work in Peace and Harmony for Mother Earth.

Monies have already been donated to various outlets, including The Sacred White Buffalo Sanctuary situated in Flagstaff, Arizona, their web site can be found on the internet. For a long time Native Americans have been awaiting the birth of White Buffalo, foretold in their prophecies as the beginning of new times for each and all of us. This has now come to pass.

In time as the Foundation becomes more established with help from donations and fund raising we will be looking to help finance many projects to assist and help in bringing facilities to enable teachings, traditions and culture to be passed on to future generations. If you feel able to donate or wish to become a member of Viisions Life Force Foundation then simply click on the Donation button below and use any payment method shown.

Under the Foundations name we have travelled to the States three times now, at no cost to the Foundation, gaining the Native Americans trust of us as white people and have now established that what we are doing is for them and not for any gain to ourselves. We have been honoured by them in many ways, not materialistically but from the heart. We have also been able to present Elders with copies of the two books we have had published, details of which can be found on our bookstore. These are the first of a series of books which are being written, transcribing messages from the Warriors of Old of the spirit world for global distribution in an attempt to re-awaken amongst us all the old ways of the Native American Indians in caring for and protecting our planet earth. These first books, Spoken Truth and Nations Unite Within Souls We Walk/Whispers of Wisdom, have been published by Authorhouse and are currently on sale. It is thought that there will be 5 books altogether. All monies raised by the books will go straight into the Foundation.

If you wish to know more about the Foundation and how you can help please check out the Foundations web pages – we hope you will find our site very interesting. Please feel free to email us.

Five trustees in Britain have been nominated to run the Foundation together with five Committee members in America and they, like any helpers, will not receive any payment. All funds raised will be used to achieve the aims of the Foundation.

For more information the Foundation trustees welcome queries and messages from people interested in our hopes and ambitions for the future. Please direct any correspondence to the Foundation email address.


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