These pictures depict the Re-harmonisation Ceremony which was held at Pan Hot Springs on Dec 21st 2005 (winter solstice) from sunup to 3:00 pm. More than 60 people participated. Dancing and ceremonial traditions were displayed by members of Danza Aztec Xochipilli.

This was the culmination of the Big Bear Re-harmonisation project following on from and strengthening the Big Bear Medicine Wheel Ceremony in Nov 2004.

The creator of these events, Eastern Shoshone Elder Bennie ‘Blue Thunder’ LeBeau, explained that natural disasters (including drought) are a result of development that penetrates the earth’s energy grid causing disharmony in nature’s balance. The restoration of the energy grid and rebalancing of energies is brought about by the medicine wheel ceremonies

Blue Thunder together with local horsemen had, for two months prior to the final ceremony, performed reharmonising ceremonies on ten mountain peaks around, these being Tip Top Mountain, Onyx Summit, Sugarloaf Mountain, Grand View Point, Crafts Peak, John Bull Flat, Keller Peak, Hawes Peak, South Peak and Silver Peak. These ceremonies were performed specifically to increase underground water pressure in an attempt to generate more surface water from springs, streams, and through aquifers and wells.

Blue Thunder explains. "The colors in the middle of the altar represent the 20 sacred sites of the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel on May 8th, 2004. I used them again in this Uto Aztecan/Dolphin/Whale/Bear Clans/All Nations Gathering to represent Mother Earth and all of Creation."

Blue Thunder

The color green represents rebirth of nature with our seven creations songs and ceremonies. The white represents the sacredness in the re-birthing of Mother Nature watched over by the Holy Ones, such as White Eagle. The Yellow represents the Sun that gives life to all of creation and the Golden Light We all Walk within us. Brown represents Mother Earth, her soil and how precious this is to us in our sacred ways understanding she is life, the soil. Blue is for the wisdom and knowledge that comes from the water, for water is life. With these kinds of messages given to our families, relatives and friends then we can begin to relearn, remember who and what we are about."

"The Buffalo needed our prayers in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. This year 1,000 head of Buffalo were killed. The were murdered in the name of greed for the cattlemen, hunters, outfitters, recreational areas, forestry programs and other programs that do not promote harmony and healing within Natures forces held my Mother Earth. The sacred mountains shows the pure water coming from our sacred glaciers that we filled with love during the last Sundance in July 2005. Many blessings to come. The people in the ceremony are those that danced, prayed and shed tears of joy and sadness on what is happening all around the worlds sacred sties. this and much, much be continued...blessings be..."

"The Ceremony was fantastic all around the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel, the 19 + 1 = 20 is still working and activating with more power. The more we do the Earth Healing Dances and Repairing the Sacred Sites the faster we move into the sacred world of our ancestors before us is the message of healing the Earth. I am sending some images...the clearing of the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water was a great should see the Grand are some pictures of our homelands...thanks for all of you help and support...many blessings to you and your people, friends and relatives...a brother for peace and harmony..."
BlueThunder...Eastern Shoshone Nation, Wind River, Fort Washakie, Wyoming

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