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Monies have been sent to support with the hay bill during the last 4 hard winters at the Sacred White Buffalo Sanctuary that is situated in Flagstaff, Arizona.

A generator bought for the Sacred White Buffalo Sanctuary enabling the pumping of water to the Buffalo pens.

The supply of copies of Spoken Truth and Nations Unite Within Souls We Walk to Blue Thunder of the Eastern Shoshone Nation for distribution around his country to the peoples of the Nations. Also many copies sent to Adam Yellowbird to distribute amongst the Elders gathering in Peru.

A substantial Donation made to help pay for urgent medical treatment and expenses for Elder Corbin Harney when he became terminally ill, who has now sadly passed away.

A donation made to assist with ceremonial funeral expenses when Grandfather Martin Martinez an Elder of the Navajo Nation passed away.

Donations made to Elder Blue Thunder and Elder Marshal Golden Eagle Jack of the Paiute nation to assist with travelling expenses required to enable them to lead sacred ceremonies in the States outside their Tribal Lands.

Tarpaulins purchased and distributed to many Elders across the Nations to cover their Hogan’s (Sacred Prayer Buildings) during winter weather conditions.

Sponsor of an Elder with all expenses paid, required for a trip to Peru for a sacred gathering of the Eagle and Condor Nations.

A spare tyre purchased for a coach size RV (Motor home) belonging to Golden Eagle and his wife Crystal, this is their permanent home which enables them to travel and continue to do their ceremonies of healing etc.,

A CD writer purchased for Golden Eagle and his wife to enable them to burn copies of their CD’s to sell.

A computer purchased by a private sponsor for Kay Martinez, daughter of Elder Grandfather Martinez. Kay is a committee member of Viisions Life Force Foundation, this enables us to keep in regular contact with her.

Monies sent to Gomo Martinez to help with the building of his Healing Centre, this is for people across the world to come and join with Gomo and many others to learn and participate in the Navajo culture, so that their traditions will not be forgotten in time. This is still an ongoing project of the Foundation.

Also large private donation was given to help towards the building of the Healing Centre.

You can see some photographs of Gomo and brother-in-law Al also the work that is ongoing with the cultural centre.

Monies sent to help with the great expense of a Squaw Dance Ceremony (a very important part of their culture) which catered for over 200 people.

Printer purchased to enable the Foundation’s quarterly Magazine to be published.

Monies this Christmas of 2008 sent to purchase a trailer load of hay which is approximately 40 tons. Also monies sent to have a tanker deliver enough water to fill one of the water tanks situated on the Buffalo Ranch. Two weeks wages for a Navajo man called Andy to work for Dena to give her the help she desperately needs to do a lot of the manual work with the Buffalo, desperate circumstances have caused this assistance to be required.