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Mount Shasta – Lake Shastina - Telos - Volume 1

The Royal Teton Retreat

Located In The Grand Teton National Park

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Temple Of Union In Mt. Shasta Is Related
To The Grand Teton Peak’s in Wyoming

The Grand Teton Retreat Teaching Center Is Mentioned in Telos is Located Here
Homelands of the Shoshone Nations & Other Indigenous Nations Surrounding
The Grand Teton Peaks

Revelations of the New Lemuria by Aurelia Louise Jones
Chapter Two - Lemuria – Her Origin - Page 11
Adama High Priest of Telos

In the beginning millions of years ago, this planet was created with seven major continents. Almost from the beginning, many colonies of extraterrestrial civilizations have come here to live. Some have stayed for short periods, while others have stayed much longer. The details of the past era of Earth’s history are recorded in the library of Porthologos in the Inner Earth and also in our own Lemurian library in Telos: Very little if any of the true facts of the long history of this planet still exists on the surface today. For most of those civilizations were not as physical as you know yourself to be today and records were not kept the way you do today. Also nearly all the records that managed to survive the cataclysms on the surface were eventually destroyed in one-way or another.

About 4,500,000 years BC Archangel Michael with the band of blue flame angels and many Beings from the Light Realm, with the blessings from the Father/Mother God, escorted to this planet the first souls who were to become the seeds of the Lemurian Race. This took place at the Royal Teton Retreat, which is known today as the Grand Teton National Park near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. These new souls incarnating on this planet originally came from the Land of MU in the Dahl Universe. At that time the Earth expressed everywhere perfection, abundance and a beauty that you could hardly imagine today. It was indeed the most magnificent paradise of this universe and of the whole of creation. This perfection was maintained for several million years until the beginning of the fall in consciousness, which took place during the fourth golden age.

Eventually, other races from Sirius, Alpha Centauri and Pleiades and a few other planets came and joined these seed souls to evolve here as well. As these races mixed together they all formed the Lemurian civilization. To say the least, it was quite an awesome mixture! Lemuria, the Motherland became the cradle of an enlightened civilization on this planet also assisting in the eventual birth of many other civilizations, The era of Atlantis was born at a later time.

At first these wonderous souls who came here form Mu for the great adventure had to adjust and acclimate too many new experiences. With the assistance and guidance of the angels, they were tutored inside the Royal Teton Retreat in how to live here and gradually they ventured out and started to form small communities. As they adjusted and gained confidence they ventured further and further away from the retreat. They later colonized the while continent of Lemuria, which was huge and extended far into what you know today as the Pacific Ocean and beyond.

Before the fall the Lemurians were not totally in physical expression, as you know it today. Earth existed in a fifth dimensional expression at the time and the Lemurians lived mainly in their fifth vibration in their bodies whenever they chose and to return to their light bodies at will. Of course this was very long ago, before what you call “the fall”, which brought the gradual lowering in the vibration of the consciousness of this wondrous race and also of the all others living on this planet. Our people like many other civilizations, eventually fell to the level of the fourth dimension and later on, all the way to the density of the third. This fall in consciousness took place over a period of several thousand years.

Revelations of the New Lemuria by Aurelia Louise Jones

Telos - Volume 1 - Chapter 8
Revelations of the New Lemuria by Aurelia Louise Jones

The Temple of Union
Lake Shastina, Mt Shasta, California Area

Adama & Ahnahmar High Priests of Telos

Greetings and blessings my beloveds, this is your friend Adama. I am here today with Ahnahmar, one of our Elders from Telos who has been living here since he beginning of our life in Telos a little over 12,000 years ago. Ahnahmar lived in Lemuria for over two thousand years prior to the loss of our continent and he has maintained the same youthful body for about 14,000 years of your time. He is very tall and looks to be about 35 years of age or even younger. During the time of Lemuria, Ahnahmar and his twin flame built a temple of wondrous beauty called “The Temple of Union”. This temple was built in honor of his twin flame have been the guardians of the unfed flame of Immortal Love for the planet ever since. I now step back to allow Ahnahmar to continue.

Greetings, I am Ahnahmar. Blessings and love to all of those who will read this message. In the time of Lemuria, most men and women are sharing their lives with their beloved twin flames. That majestic temple was the location where wedding ceremonies took place. Couples adorned themselves in great beauty and elegance to consecrate their “ Union ” with great energies of the unfed flame of Immortal Love. Although this flame of Love has been extinguished from the surface vibration with the sinking of Lemuria, it has been preserved in the Temple of Union which was lifted up on its entirety into a 4th dimensional vibration when our continent was destroyed.

This temple still exists to this day in the area near Mount Shasta where it was originally located, and it is now vibrating at a 5th dimensional frequency. Although the former physical structure no longer exists in your 3rd dimension and cannot be seen in your reality, be assured that it is very real and tangible to us. The temple is very active and continues to this day to perform all the functions it was intended to do from the time it was built. This temple dwells in the crystal city of Light that exists in the etheric in the area of Mount Shasta. The city extends approximately 25 to 40 miles in diameter. You have been promised that this wondrous Lemurian city will eventually be lowered into a more physical expression and many of you will be able to see and enter it upon invitation. You are asking when is this going to happen. The exact time is still unknown even to us. We anticipate that it will be towards the end of this decade or soon after. When this happens, this temple, along with all of the other wonders that the crystal city holds, will be available to those who will match that vibration in their spiritual development.

Aurelia, also know to you as Louise Jones, had involvement with this temple in the time of Lemuria. She rediscovered the location of the temple a few years ago while taking walks within a couple of miles of her home in the Mount Shasta area. At first, she recognized that this was a very special place, but could not unveil the mystery. For reasons unknown to her consciousness, she felt drawn to return frequently to our area for walks and meditations. Several times a week we watched her walking up the hill, as she followed the nudging of her heart. It was always with delight and joy, especially the first time, that we watched her coming. We patiently waited for the day we could communicate with her more directly. Unknown to her outer mind each time she came she received on the inner plane our warm welcome along with much attention, love and hugs from us.

It had been several thousands if years since we had an opportunity to communicate consciously with any surface dweller in that location. There are those living in that area who also come to the hill for walks from time to time, but none of them ever have any kind of awareness as to what this location represents. More clarity was eventually offered to our dear Aurelia about the nature of her favorite location and the strong attraction she felt. Her love and high degree of respect for the sacredness as to what this location represents. More clarity was eventually offered to our dear Aurelia about the nature of her favorite location and the strong attraction she felt. Her love and high degree of respect for the sacredness of that site allowed us to unveil ourselves to her more openly and reveal in greater measure details of her former involvement with us in this sacred temple.

In the fall of 2001 Aurelia performed a wedding ceremony in that location, consciously enrolling our full presence and the presence of the Light Realm. It was the first time since the sinking of Lemuria that a wedding ceremony took place in the physical octave directly within the location where our 5th dimensional Temple of Union is situated. This was a most joyous moment for us and we offered our full support. I, Ahnahmar, totally merged with my beloved Aurelia during the ceremony!

Unknown to her outer mind, she was preparing herself for a wonderful experience. Following her inner guidance, she suggested this special location to a twin flame couple who wanted her to officiate at their wedding ceremony. The Telosians, along with the Lemurian Council and the beings of the Light Realm, were very happy with this event. Literally hundreds of thousands of us, running into the millions from the invisible realm, attended this wedding in our etheric bodies. In a way it was fortunate that she could not see us because it could have been rather intimidating, considering the size of the crowd attending. It seems that everyone from Telos and the Light Realm of Mt Shasta were there, applauding the reactivation of the Flame of Love for Twin Flames from our temple into the physical octave.

It was only after the wedding that we unveiled to her more information about the true nature of the temple and the wonderful activation that took place for the planet during the ceremony. By following her heart and inner guidance, we were amused to see how she provided for us the opportunity to create this wondrous opening into the physical plane. The scenario we had been awaiting for a very long time unfolded in a perfect sequence without her having any clue as to what was really taking place beside a wedding ceremony. This too made us all smile.

Many of you have discovered that marriage relationships have often been devastating, bringing more stress and disappointment than joy and sustained happiness. The reason for this is that the stressful relationships are based on duality rather that the oneness of divine Love. Unless a relationship is based on that oneness, it can never fulfill the longing of the heart that you have so deeply felt.

Now my friends allow me to lecture you a little. As the guardian of the Unfed Flame of Love, I have observed your relationships for a very long time. For those of you looking for your beloved somewhere else, outside of yourself, let me say that this is not the way it will happen. Your beloved is also part of you. He or she may have a body in the outer world, but meeting your twin flame when one is not fully ready for that initiation is a bit tricky. It is not often in your best interest because the experience of the third dimension does not always offer compatibility of character and spirit unless both parties have reached the same level of readiness and evolution. Listen to this carefully.

Look for the love that you are yearning for inside of you first, in every cell and electron of your heart and soul. Begin first to develop a relationship in unity consciousness within yourself. It is all there awaiting your attention. Your divine counterpart lives within you as well. The relationship that you are seeking is nothing more that the reflection of your direct relationship with your own divines Self. When you learn to love yourself in every aspect of your essence, every aspect of your divinity, every aspect of your essence, every aspect of your human experience, then that divine love for Self becomes the ruler of your heart and life and you will no longer look anywhere else. You will know that you have found it and it will not really matter what form it takes. Your heart will feel full and completely satisfied.

At that stage of development in your spiritual life, the mirror or reflection of perfect love for Self will manifest itself tangibly in your life. This is the divine law and cannot fail you. If you do not have it manifested in you life, either you are not ready for it or on the inner planes you have chosen to wait. It will show up in you life in divine timing and any waiting period will not matter because you have already united in your heart with the object of your yearning and your love. Once you have attained this state of divine love in your heart, nothing can be withheld from you, not even your twin flame.

In the name of divine love, may I suggest to you that you start now looking for your beloved with your own Self. This is the quickest way to be united with your twin flame. You don’t have to advertise in the newspaper or visit singles clubs. He or she will literally fall into your lap; you will not be able to avoid it.

May you meet all of your tests in the embrace of divine Love! It is my pleasure to invite you to my temple at night where I give classes for those desiring to reunite with thin twin flames. I am not offering to become a matchmaker as you call it in your language. We are willing to assist you in reconnecting with that wondrous part of Self that you abandoned along time ago, that very part that will magnetize to you your beloved everything else you desire in your life. We will not magnetize your beloved for you, but we will show you how to accomplish this for yourself. We will teach you the true meaning of the “Divine Union”.

Before you go to sleep at night, ask your guides to bring you to the Temple of Union to attend our classes. My fellow teachers and I will be there to receive you. I promise that we will have a delightful time together. If you don’t remember your journeys with us, do not worry. With the thinning of the veils, many more of you will eventually open to the remembrance of your many delightful nightly adventures.

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Aurelia Louise Jones messages from TELOS that we are all engaged in the greatest of all adventures…ascension. Helping foresee that great teachings will travel far and wide to assist all who are connected with man in the journey to the Spiritual freedom. Her website is at:, Phone: 530 926-4599.

Temple of Union Crystal Healing Ceremony
Lake Shastina - Mt. Shasta, California Sacred Sites
November 19th, 2006 Medicine Wheel Sunday

These messages are given freely to help understand the truth. These stories are a representation to show the important work by many individuals who are working for the unity of Love, Peace and Joy to bring Freedom for All of Our Brothers and Sisters of all Nation’s Worldwide and asking many others to open to the wisdom and knowledge held in our sacred sites. ‘Working’ to help many remember all that is needed for love, peace, joy and harmony for Mother Earth’s Nations following the road to honor, trust, respect and dignity…Freedom & Justice For All

These Messages have been channeled from Priests and Priestesses sent freely to humanity from TELOS. To Be Given Freely and Honorably To All Nations for Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony for Freedom. Helping All of Us To Remember-To-Remember; Universal and Spiritual Laws Belonging to All of Creations Life Force Kingdom’s Equally. We all honor, thank you and give great gratitude to those bringing the messages as messengers of peace. Please Support them in abundances for their livelihoods through the books.

Shala Mata, channeled this message right after the Mt. Shasta and Lake Shastina Temple of Union Ceremony, November 19th, 20th, 2006.

"Juliano...You are working closely with the Star Nations. You are doing more than just connecting to the Stargate. You are doing multi-dimensional work. You are activating and recalibrating a grid on Mt.Shasta that is aligning the vortexes and portals (These are the vortexes and portals that you have been finding and are connected to). The Galactic Federation is working through you and is aligning that energy with the Great Central Sun. You are unifying the Galactic download."

Blessings Be…

In the Name of The Great Spirit - Mother Earth
And The Holy Beings of Light – The Life Force of All Creation’s Kingdom’s

Viviana Siddhi Vid – San Rafael, California
Home: 415-380-7905, cell: 415-233-2143 –

Blue Thunder aka Bennie LeBeau
Eastern Shoshone, Wind River Indian Reservation
Riverton, Wyoming – December 5th, 2006
Cell: 307-851-6249, home: 307-857-6856 -


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