Sponsored Dog Walk

On a lovely spring day in late March a sponsored dog walk was held, organized by our youngest volunteer Kaje Sawkins and husband Dan. Many people gathered at the start, most of them not knowing the other walkers, and certainly the dogs not knowing each other, but it didn’t take long for walkers and canines to make friends judging by the laughter and chatter that could be heard for the duration of the walk. The judged walking distance for the hike was 6 miles but without exception we all thought we had walked between 8 and 10 miles for we became lost; thankfully my son David accompanied us with his friends on the walk and being a worker of the land he had regularly noted the landscape as we walked and soon had us turning in the correct direction once asked. Without exception everyone enjoyed the afternoon, dogs especially, even my little Jack Russell who aged 14 years completed the distance, and all agreed it would be great to organize another walk later in the year, which we shall do.


Fun Darts Night

A friendly darts competition was organized at The Fighting Cocks Pub by local Foundation volunteer Kaje Sawkins and her husband Dan. Donated prizes were awarded to the winners of each group along with certificates that were presented to the winners. Kaje raised £35.00 for the Foundation by organizing this event, for which we are very grateful.


School Children’s Charity Sponsored Swim

A sponsored swim took place on Saturday 8th November at New Milton Recreation Centre with six young children managing to swim a total of one mile between them.

The children raised money for the Foundation and were praised by Geraldine for coming forward and offering to swim saying to the parents who supported them during the afternoon how important their spontaneous gesture was for ‘Children are the future, and without children there will be no future’. All of the children who completed the swim agreed they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and left the centre proudly holding their certificates presented to them, wondering what they could do next to fund raise for the Foundation.

Childrens names Lauren Milnes, Ellen Roberts, Tullie Roberts, Cristina Cassella-Hall, Georgia Flint and Rhianna Stokes. (in no particular order)


Mind, Body, Soul & Healing Fair

Gerry, Steph (our print co-ordinator for magazine) and I attended a Mind, Body, Soul and Healing Fair held at Ringwood in Hampshire in September. It was a very small event and we didn’t know it was taking place until about two weeks before the actual day it was to be held but we pulled out all the stops to put together a really good display of all we have been gifted, along with our books, magazines, hand made pouches, book marks etc., arriving early on the morning not quite knowing what to expect.

But what a surprise was in store for us! The public who attended the event were drawn to our tables throughout the day asking questions and showing much interest. We met many very interesting and interested people, sold copies of our books and prints Gerry had made and even had people join the Foundation as subscription members who will now receive our quarterly magazine along with the many others who subscribe.

It was a day for us all to remember for we arrived in the morning not knowing what to expect but by the end of the day we were elated by the response of the public, a response which has spurred us on in our fund raising efforts and the Foundation is now putting on its own Psychic Fairs, the first one taking place on December 6th 2008 at The Linden Hall, Lyndhurst Community Centre, Lyndhurst, Hampshire. More dates of Fairs and further events to be found on our UK diary page.

For details or to book a stall email Lynda at mail@viisionslifeforcefoundation.com


Burley Psychic Fayre & Craft held on Saturday 28th July 2012






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