Past Ceremonies Blessings Mother Earth’s Creations
Greetings my Sisters and Brothers, Here are some images from the Divine Strake gathering that was done on May 27th and 28th.
  We stopped the 700-ton fossil fuel detonation in Mercury Nevada, at the Nuclear Test Site, just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Many attended the Uto Aztecan Crescent Moon Ceremony, May 13th and 14th 2006 praying for this not to happen and many other intentions for peace. This explosion would have carried nuclear radiation from the soil from past experiments in Nuclear Detonations to be carried down wind that could have cause serious illnesses to occur. The United States Government has taken the homelands of the Western Shoshone illegally. The Western Shoshone continues to the rights for their homelands in rallies and peace marches. The United Nations has sent a directive to the U.S. to rectify this and straighten this out. As of today the U.S. has not replied back so far to the Western Shoshone Nation or the United Nations on their decision to fix the the treaty with the Western Shoshone.
The Jenny Lake Image is one taken during the Uto Aztecan Crescent Moon Ceremony, involving the Dolphin, Whale and Bear Clans of the Northwestern United States. There were many countries that joined on May 13th and 14th, 2006 to heal Mother Earth's environments and humanities differences. Working for peace coming together like the five fingers of the hand. Creating peace, love, trust, honor, respect and harmony. The water and snow here shows our work in our Sundance Ceremony held in July of 2005.

The Grand Tetons Image represents the Heart of the Rose Sundance Ceremny that was done in July of 2005. This Sundance took place on the Slate Creek healing the Gros Ventre slide to bring fill the glaciers above Kelly, Wyoming. Helping in healing the area for more springs to flow, rains and snow. This was predicted to take place in the Spring of 2006. I honor those Sundancers and support groups that help bring this into play. This was the purpose of the Sundancers Dancing and prayers along with other healing thoughts helping our families and relations in all cultures.
The water this year has filled all the lakes above capacity. This includes the surrounding states in the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel Ceremony held on May 8th, 2004. This same ceremony helped calm the volcanic activity under the Yellowstone Lake in the Yellowstone National Park. The Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks were looking at droughts for many years during the many years in the past. Many fires have burned the parks in many areas, now the water is back. Due to our work with our ceremonies water is flowing in the rivers, streams, springs, lakes and the glaciers are full of snow.

The run off is still continuing as of today, water is life. We are retuning nature, just as a piano goes out to tune some one has to come in and retune it. In nature it is us, those walking in harmony retuning natures forces with our ceremonies. The winter images shows how much snow filled the Grand Teton Glaciers and surrounding glaciers as predicted before the Sundance Ceremony in July 2005. This prediction was to show that our ceremonies do work. We are documenting this work to show that we are still working with our indigenous wisdom and knowledge in healing nature. Working with the Sacred Tree of Peace, the Cotton Wood Tree. This "Y" shaped tree is a tuning fork and retunes nature with 13 tones and sounds coming from our drums, our voices in our songs.
The Shoshone's Sacred Peaks of the Grand Tetons and Snake River images shows the water flowing. Coming from the Heart of the Rose country, the Grand Teton Peaks. The Grand Teton's is known as the Heart of the Rose to many Shoshone Nation's Groups and other tribal nations. These sacred peaks bring the water in a 600-mile radius around them. This means 1200 miles north, south, east and west across this Medicine Wheel, called The Magnificent 19 + 1 = 20 Medicine Wheel Ceremony, May 8th, 2004. We continue to help alleviate the volcanic activity also in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, including the Bridger Teton National Forest Service Areas. Alleviating the stress that bad sound and vibration from around the world; that is closing the vents in the geysers in the National Parks of the Grand Teton and Yellowstone Country.
The homelands of the Shoshone Nations need our help and expertise. The U.S. Parks Service and Forest Service are holding these lands in trust for us in the regulations and policies, although we are not allowed to use our sacred sites in those areas of the National Parks. We continue to pray and leave sacred offerings and asking all cultures to join us in our Heart of the Rose Sundance next July 2006 during the full moon. Those cultures in the White, Black, Yellow, Red and Brown Nations are invited to attend and participate in the next Sundance in July of 2006. Working in peaceful relationships re-educating the many cultures on the hand of creation, coming together like the five fingers of the hand. Prophecy, Spoken Truth and Nations Unite Within Souls We Walk. Sacred writings in a book of trust about healing Mother Earth and Humanity. Sent from our sisters in England as a gift to all Nations of the World. Through White Eagle, published by the 'Viisions Life Force Foundation in Europe.

Blessings Be, May the Great Spirit Continue to Bring Us the Sacred Messages from the White Eagle In Dreams & Visions

BlueThunder aka Bennie E. LeBeau, Sr.
Eastern Shoshone Tribal Member
Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming
Written in Riverton, Wyoming, June 26th, 2006
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