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Sales of these publications are an important source of income for the charity

Spoken Truth has been achieved through messages received from The Warriors of Old of the Native American Indians of the spirit world. All the messages in the book were channelled through Geraldine Brolan, herself a seer, and transcribed by her sister Lynda Shelton. Geraldine also received and drew all the pictures. The book is a word for word chronicle of these messages which takes the reader through the pains suffered by the native American Indians to a message of peace and love and the necessity of treasuring and caring for our mother earth. Spoken Truth is also the introductory book in a set of 5 books to be similarly written.
Nations Unite Within Souls We Walk is the second book in the series.The format is two books given under the main title with the beginning continuing the journey of the three messengers after they arrive in America, the journey chronicled in Spoken Truth.

After walking along the pathway with the messengers the book takes the reader into the first section which is spiritual teachings given by White Eagle and Ancient Warriors.

The final teachings given under the title Whispers Of Wisdom include drawings, quotations and passages and again are given to share from those who have made themselves known in the first book as The Warriors Of Old. This book has been given in the hope that mankind today will begin to understand the urgent need to start the repair of Mother Earth by spreading words of peace, love and harmony.

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