Mt Shasta, California
Sabrina - Castle Lake Goddess Story


November 21, 2006
Ceremony begins at 8:00 am.

Blue Thunder asked for permission from the Great White Spirit and the ancestors to begin the healing ceremony clearing the lake and land; he made an offering of Flat Cedar Needles and burned California White Sage as he prayed.

Bennie “Blue Thunder” LeBeau started his ceremonial drumming calling to his ancestors and honoring all of the Spirits from Castle Lake.

Michael Sun Bear called upon the Guardian of the Lake Goddess through ancient Native tongue.

A Goddess, aroused by the drumming and chanting, comes forth through the waters of the lake. Immediately she was taken by the Blessed Mother energy that surrounded Maria and was honored to be in the magnificent presence of Mother Mary.

She then told me that Blessed Mother had visited this very location approximately a hundred years ago.

Sabrina told me she has waited a thousand years for someone to awaken her energies and to beckon her spirit from the depths of Castle Lake. As Blue Thunder asked for the clearing of the negative forces to leave the area Sabrina continued to dance.

When I asked the ancient Goddess what name she would like to be called, she spoke her name to be “Sabrina”. The ceremonial drumming and chanting intensified as she came forth. Instantly the winds from the west increased with extreme forcefulness, showed her strength and beauty. As Blue Thunder and Michael continued singing their healing songs stagnant energies began to clear…clouds masked the sun.

Sabrina spoke of Andromeda and its connection to the present-time re-creation of Genesis.

She was delighted to communicate in her ancient tongue.

The Goddess Sabrina then asked how she could be of service to us. We all asked for her assistance with our ceremony and the cleansing of the water and area surrounding Castle Lake.

Sabrina beckoned the Red Dragon from the depths of these waters. Ripples generally traveled west to east across the lake and as Maria’s attention was drawn over her shoulder to the sound of small waves lapping toward us, opposite us.

Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta California

Blue Thunder informed her that they are the Spiraling Energies of the Serpents of Wisdom the rolling actions of the waves spinning across the lake. There was no wind blowing as if the lake has come alive, the Red Dragon.

Ceremony continued. Each time we called Sabina’s name with reverence, the weather and winds intensified with strength. Spiraling energies of the ancient ones came in the forms of crystal beings in the shape of snow came from the north then from the west. The trees waved and dance to her. Sabrina was clearly coming alive! The spiraling energies of the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water become alive and happy for this cleansing and the blessings were in progress.

Again, Sabrina spoke of her joy of revival, as her energy that had laid dormant for so long! Although he never reveals himself, it felt as though Merlin’s energy was not far off.

Blue Thunder continued breaking apart any lingering density from the four corners, by igniting his high-pitched toning Eagle Whistle and thereby dissolving any negative forces of energy that did not serve a purpose for love, peace and harmony.

We were encapsulated in Sabrina’s energies as columns of light rainbows came inward and outward, which were seen with our physical eyes. They reached across the lake within a hundred feet or so from where we stood


Castle Lake, Mt Shasta November 21st, 2006

She danced across the lake toward us. Her energies touched all of us. Feelings of extreme blissfulness and love that I personally have never felt before brought tears to my eyes. Maria was jaw-droopingly amazed by this experience!

Michael again saw the Red Dragon on the surface of the water (just as he and Nathan had seen it on Mt Shasta on 11/11 at a doorway to the subterranean city of Telos). It was very clear to him that this Red Dragon is the Guardian of the entrances to the Inner Earth.

She had but one request. She wished her name and story be placed in a location for everyone to enjoy, so she may be of service to all who seek her and will answer all requests in her own magical way.

Sabrina, while always speaking in soft tones, told me of how the Princess of Telos will visit her in the near future. As the ceremony concluded, Sabrina tamed the winds to ease our numbing bodies.

We began retreating to the parking lot. The Goddess of the Lake followed us, reaching across the lake. By just mentioned her name with reverence again and again, the winds howled, demonstrating the acknowledgement of her magnificence.

Continuing on the path back to our vehicles, Blue Thunder noticed the clouds suddenly separated, showed the blue sky through a portal. The Central Sun appeared for a short moment, as we basked in its warmth. Blue Thunder heard the words from the Great Spirit great work ahead as the clouds closed and the mist rolled in once again.

Dr.’s Michael & Maria Sun Bear Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta Nov 21st, 2006

Reaching the parking lot, Michael noticed a small stone standing on its edge on the driver’s side in the corner of the window. Blue Thunder called Michael and Maria over to showed them the stone place on their vehicle, as it was very odd to find it in this position. No one was visibly noticeable to have placed it there. Sabrina somehow placed it as her token of appreciation to her awakening from the ceremony.

Later in the afternoon Sabrina spoke to me, telling me that Blue Thunder received a gift as well, but she did not elaborate. Her message was soft and short, explaining that I must carry this sacred stone that she pulled from the depths of the lake when I desire to beckon her Spirit. Blue Thunder shared that he was instructed to return by himself for his blessings communicating with the ancients. He was then told that when the rains and snows began, it was time for him to return home to Wyoming until the next ceremony on 1st April.

There was no denying what happened this day November 21st, 2006 here at Castle Lake.

Dr.’s Michael & Maria Bear
Eastern Shoshone Spiritual Leader/Advisor - Bennie “BlueThunder” LeBeau