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--The Three Visions--

In the mid-nineties, a holy man from the Sioux nation and a Shoshone brother had come to share with the Piaute people the vision the holy man had been shown. When they arrived, we were conducting a memorial ceremony for an elder that had passed way. After the ceremony for the elder was completed, we spent time with the holy man and the Shoshone brother.

They brought the message that there were four chiefs who resided in the rocks and overlooked the valleys that protected the people. Over the many years, the people had walked away from these holy areas. The blow sand had covered the visage of the four chiefs. The holy man’s vision showed that when the four chief’s eyes were covered there would be a great sickness that came over the lands. The message was that the people needed to go back to their holy places to prevent the sicknesses that were shown. The message given leads us to an entire different tangent of our existence but we will share with you three other visions they shared with us.

The three visions that were shared with us were very disturbing. The first vision had to do with the waters and everything that lives in them, entities we call the fish nation. In the early nineties, in the Navajo lands, a young lady had prepared herself to conduct a vision quest for herself. Many Navajo medicine men and women helped her prepare for the ceremony. They had taken her to fasting area, blessed her and returned to their camp. On the second day of the four-day vision quest, a spirit sent from the Creator took the young woman’s spirit. The spirit had taken her out of her body to journey to a place she had never known. The spirit took her west of Arizona traveling into the Pacific Ocean. She was very frightened by this experience. Nothing like this had ever happened like this before. The spirit assured her everything was okay. They journeyed several thousand miles out to the middle of the ocean and descended into the waters. Again, her fears had to be calmed down by the spirit who was escorting here. As they descended into the waters, she knew she was okay. She asked the spirit where she was being taken. The spirit told her they were going to meet with the fish nation, that the fish nations had a message for her. As they traveled through the vast valleys of the ocean, she was amazed at what she saw. When she looked behind her, she saw many different kinds of fish and other creatures who lived in the waters following her. As they continued through the valleys with the fish gathering behind her, the spirit brought her to an enormous valley in the ocean. The spirit placed her in the center of this valley. As she looked around full circle, she saw all the things that live in the waters join up around her. She asked the spirit the meaning of this. She asked, “Why am I being shown these things?” The spirit directed her to look to the east. As she did so, she saw these large bubbles come from a large cave. The bubbles grew in size. A great white turtle emerged and came toward her. The Great White Turtle didn’t frighten her. There was no threat when he advanced. The great white turtle took his place next to her and began speaking. The great white turtle said that all of us who are here have met in council with the Creator. We ask the Creator to find us another place to live because the humans upon this earth are destroying the waters in which we live. They have walked away from us. They give us no recognition for our gifts to them. The things the humans have done to the waters are making our children sick. Many of them have committed suicide because they cannot live in these unclean waters. The humans are making sounds in the waters that are also destroying us. The message was given to the Creator with a plea for help. The Creator sent us back with a message that He would offer the humans one more warning about the things that they are doing. I will send you a human, He said, that will take this message back to the surface of the earth. In the message, tell them that if they don’t heed this message on behalf of the fish nation, I will grant the fish nation their request and remove them from this planet. The young woman was overwhelmed with grief by the message. The great white turtle told the young woman to take this message back to the humans. The Great White Turtle lifted itself and returned to its cave. The spirit that brought her there took her swiftly back to the vision quest area. The young woman could not complete her fast at this time. She ran down from her fasting area to seek out the elders. With tears in her eyes, she gave the elders the message. Somehow the elders knew that these things would come to pass. The elders began to spread the message to as many people as they could. The message went out like wildfire throughout the native nations.

The second vision that was shared by this holy man was about a young native man who had not lived a traditional life. He had grown up in the cities. The young man had been living in a city in Illinois. One day as the young man walked through the city park, a spirit took him. He was very frightened as he had never encountered spirits in this way and had no understanding of what was being done. The spirit took the young man to the north to a vast area and placed in front of a great tree. As he looked around, he noticed all kinds of plants in a circle around him. There were plants he had never seen or heard of. He was amazed of the things he was shown. He was confused as to why this was happening. The great tree had called upon him by name startling him. The tree continued to speak and to share a great message. The tree asked him to take this message to his people. The young man exclaimed that he knew nothing of what was going on. He had never talked to a tree before. The tree was very stern with the young man. The tree told him to listen to what was being said. “We are the plant nations who live upon this earth, all that you see. We have gathered here earlier in council to speak with the Creator. In our gathering, we asked the Creator to give us another means of existence other than on this planet. The humans are unconsciously killing our old and young. They are altering our existence through their human methods. They are forcing us to do things that we do not naturally do. Many of our kind have sacrificed their own lives because they cannot live with the human desecration. We shared these things with the Creator and pleaded for help. The Creator had told us he would give the humans one more chance to correct their wrongs. He would send a young man to hear our message.” The great tree had told the young man to take this message back to the humans. The young man had many more questions but the spirit was taking him back to the park in the city. The young man was very confused about what he had seen and heard. He went back to his home where his grandmother lived. He shared his experience with his grandmother. She called her relatives who were medicine people and shared with them what her grandson had told her. Again, the message was spread throughout the native nations.

The third message that was shared by the holy man was about a young traditional Sioux man. The Sioux was gathering herbs for a ceremony. This occurred in the north Dakotas. While he was gathering the herbs, a spirit took him. He felt very blessed that the spirit had chosen him, but the outcome was not what he expected. The spirit took him to a far away place where the animal nations had joined together. He was placed in the center of the animal nation. He was amazed as to the number of animals that had gathered to greet him. A Great White Bear walked forward to meet him. The Great White Bear spoke to this young man and told him of a message that needed to go back to the people. The Great White Bear said the animals had come together once before. They had brought with them the stories of all the devastating things that had happened to them all over the planet. It was agreed that the humans are torturing us instead of taking care of us. Many animal nations are fighting with the humans for their survival. The humans are destroying the animal’s homes. The humans are giving many of us manmade things that are causing great sicknesses throughout our nation. Many of our young ones are committing suicide to get away from the humans. Many of the animals are eating substances that are not normal and are creating sicknesses within themselves. As the humans eat the animals, the humans are beginning to get the sicknesses they have created. We have asked the Creator to remove us from the humans of this world, as these people do not regard us as sacred any longer. The Creator has spoken to us and promised to give the humans one more chance to understand how devastating their actions have been on your lives. If they do not change their ways soon, He would grant their request. The Great White Bear told the young man this message needed to be carried back to his people. The bear turned and walked back into the forest. The young man had many more questions but the spirit was returning him back to the field where he was gathering herbs. When he returned, he ran as fast as he could to seek the medicine men. He shared with them what had happened. The medicine men in turn shared the message with other people. Again, the message carried throughout the native nations like wildfire.

The holy man said that these messages would have a great impact on the people who understand these ways. We must gather up all these things that are sacred and, again, start having ceremonies for the waters, the plants and the animals. Aho.


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