Temple of Union Crystal Healing Ceremony
Lake Shastina - Mt. Shasta, California Sacred Sites
November 19th, 2006 Medicine Wheel Sunday


Image taken from the Temple of Union, Lake Shastina

On Nov.16th Viviana Siddhi Vid checked out the weather report forecast, which predicted heavy rain and snow for the weekend starting on Sat.Nov.18th. On November 18th, 2006 that evening near Lake Shastina we asked for blessings in warmth and bright sunny weather for the crystal ceremony the following morning of November 19th, 2006. Blue Thunder suggested praying, giving our intentions in offerings of the sacred flat cedar tree to our Ancestors: Spirits of the Mountains, the Storm Birds and the Thunder Beings were all invited, the twelve colors of lightning to honor their intentions for the forth-coming day. Asking for the weather birds to bringing great light and love for the ceremonies in the Lake Shastina and Mt. Shasta areas. From the balcony of a condo located near Lake Shastina we saw the dark clouds that surrounded around Mt.Shasta as they set their intention in sacred thoughts that evening of November 18th, 2006.

Early the next morning November 19th, 2006 it was cloudy and windy. Again under the advice from Blue Thunder more morning prayers and offerings were given once again following the protocols of his Indigenous Ceremonial ways. Viviana and Blue Thunder asked for a bright sunlight day to become brighter, stronger with light asking for the dark overcast clouds to disappear. Right after the prayers that morning cloud ship patterns began to form into lenticular cloud formations above the mountain peaks. The blue skies began to appear with white clouds scattered around like floating ships within the clouds everywhere surrounding them. This confirmed that now it is time to perform the ceremony for the holy ones were now arriving in the surrounding areas of Lake Shastina and Mt. Shasta’s peaks. They were there to help in everyway possible was the message that was received. The spirits came from their sacred places within the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water joining them as one: From above, as below becoming one on the surface of Mother Earth in a sacred ceremonial circle of recreating love, peace, joy and harmony for the freedom prophesied to come.

Image Taken from The Temple of Union Shastina Lake November 19th, 2006

Initially Viviana and Blue Thunder took the public access road to Lake Shastina, which turned onto MacAdam’s Road. Leading them up to the top of the Temple of Union. It had been a long time that a ceremony had taken place on this temple site. On the top of this very sacred place they had very strong winds. Viviana became very excited as she looked around in a circle; she saw the Temple of Union is located in the center of Lake Shastina. And to her amazement surrounded by water with a gorgeous view in all directions. The lenticular cloud above Mt.Shasta was still there and many more were becoming even more apparent around the other peaks around them everywhere. Blue Thunder scouted the areas on top of the Temple and then was showed the place where we would do the Crystal Ceremony.

He explained that where the ants once lived in numerous numbers showed the power center of the Temple of Union. Asking for permission from the ant’s to use their ancient place for the ceremony, they blessed this area for the ceremony. Viviana placed her hands above the soil and felt the soft gentle feminine energy. Viviana received information that this spot has a very sacred vortex energy, which is rooted deeply spinning inside the Earth. Blue Thunder confirmed this realization. He felt the spinning energy as he prepared for the ceremony. He placed special crystals and stones in a circle; a crystal medicine wheel was now being built. They both felt one with Mother Earth, as the wind became really strong when they began to meditate in prayer, while drumming. Asking for balance, as many know the universe contains ying and yang (female & male) energies enter twined together in oneness. This spiraling energy became most evident on the Temple as the ceremony started.

Temple of Union Medicine Wheel
Lake Shastina November 19th, 2006

The masculine negative forces within the wind were trying to stop the ceremony throwing sand and dirt in their faces. Beginning through the drumming and intentions as the prayers began to co-create a gorgeous sunny morning bringing in the feminine energy to balance the masculine during the ceremony. As the morning progressed the unique lenticular cloud formations became stronger and more apparent all around us. Many of the other clouds disappeared around the top of Mt. Shasta and now moved around us. Viviana and Blue Thunder became one in their hearts, minds and spirit with their prayers and intentions. They became one in beating their drums and singing as the Ancient ones appeared. Becoming one with nature as the whole Universe supported their actions. The Holy Ones honored them and came to help in the ceremony it was most evident by the cloud formations. Viviana received a message saying, “Yes”, WE all have the power to change the world!!! We are one with the universe!

Temple of Union Medicine Wheel Ceremony
Lake Shastina November 19th, 2006

Blue Thunder also pointed out the other ships in cloud formations were now positioned over many of the peaks around us. The holy ones had connected with them all around Mt Shasta and Lake Shastina. They were now in position to help in the healing of the Temple of Union. Blue Thunder showed Viviana where the electrical magnetic energy needed healed; as they sealed Mother Earth’s bleeding heart’s energy, the electrical magnetic disturbances, which is the life force of all creation. BlueThunder showed Viviana where the electrical magnetic energy was leaking. How and why this takes place in development due to management in recreation, roads building, mining agencies and other developmental agencies. The road that was built spiraled to the top of the temple had disconnected the electrical magnetic energy field on the top of this “Temple”. The very top of the temple was shaved off by heavy equipment transforming it into a parking lot on this very special sacred site helping add to the disturbance of this very special sacred site. The ceremony ended and as they took a stroll around the top of The Temple of Union enjoying the feeling of pure love and blissfulness in a great heart felt feeling. Viviana and Blue Thunder expressed an amazing feeling of accomplishment for the work that was shared with each other. Feeling the power emanating from the Temple was electrifying, as Mother Nature’s energy flow returned to this holy place.

Viviana Siddhi Vid – San Rafael, California
Lake Shastina, Temple of Union
November 19th, 2006

After a stroll, walking around and just enjoying the view they arrived back at the Crystal Medicine Wheel, which was made of Clear Crystals and Pink Quartz. These sacred stones carried the power of love energies that helped healed the vortex energy representing Mother Earth’s compassion in love. Blue Thunder picked up the many crystals giving them all an immense honor in gratitude and thanking them. Giving a great appreciation communicating to the clear crystals and the pink quartz with saying thank you, thank you, and thank you. Viviana placed her hands above the soil where they had just done the crystal ceremony. She felt a very strong vibration of energy coming from that area where they just completed the healing ceremony that activated the Temple of Union into a higher frequency of vibrations.

Bennie “Blue Thunder” LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone
Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming
Lake Shastina, California, Temple of Union
November 19th, 2006

In amazement Viviana stared at Blue Thunder. At that moment he showed her a young deer approaching, trotting out into the clearing on top of the temple. They were given the message that this was a sign of renewal in the rebirthing of the Temple of Union’s Life Force. It was a sign that the love and compassion has return, which was missing for so many hundreds of years, thousands of years. A new beginning, new life energy had rebirthed the love that was reset and restored within Mother Earth’s Sacred Heart felt vibrations once again. The young deer was a sign of the rebirthing of new things to come in youthfulness, rebirth in the cycle of life without an end. Together they closed the mystical magical Crystal Medicine Wheel Ceremony and drove down from The Temple of Union. By the time they reached Weed a small mountain town the whole area that was covered with the lenticular clouds began to disappear slowly around the mountain peaks. Blessings are as they were intended to continuing the work that has only just began to take place.

We are so grateful to the Universe:

Viviana Siddhi Vid – San Rafael, California

Bennie “BlueThunder” LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone
Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming

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