Viisions Life Force Foundation resulted from spirit messages received by Geraldine Brolan. Directed by these messages she made contact with native American elders and it was they who gave her the name White Thunder. Her received messages form the basis of the Foundation's books and this web page publishes further messages and thoughts. As new messages are received older messages are archived here.

I have been guided to walk upon many pathways, and have walked and worked amongst many who share in the work of the Great Spirit, I have sat amongst many whose beliefs in words are different, but once the understanding of those different words are acknowledged, those words are no different to what I am or what I believe in.

Each nation speaks of Peace and Harmony, Truth and Honesty, many teach of how to Embrace and walk upon Mother Earth, and how to change our ways to save our planet from destruction. This is just a small grain of sand that I have mentioned, but those few statements are the life line of our Mother, Mother Earth.


We are asking you all to open your hearts and to hear the many words spoken throughout the world, the words that are asking you all to help in making a future for our children to enjoy, the way we all have enjoyed the lands that we live upon. Many say there are many charities/foundations around always asking for support financially. This is true, but is it all about the money? I am the first to say that yes we do need the help and support from you all financially, but it does not end there, we need your support in many other ways. One of the ways you can support and help is by opening your heart to the understanding of what many of our Native American Brothers and Sisters and others around the world are trying to achieve - it is simply awareness; this is most important to have the true understanding of what we are all trying to achieve for everyone.

Spreading the word of unity and understanding, peace and harmony is a hard task to undertake, as many people are blinkered and only understand what is happening in their own lives. We can all take a second look. Look out of your window, look upon the ones who are walking amongst you opening their hearts and trying to reach you with words of wisdom passed down through time itself. Many veils cover the eyes of those who wish nothing for others but everything for themselves. Seek those who share with others the meaningful messages we are given by those who share much knowledge, reach into the veil that shadows many who walk amongst us who lack the understanding of many words spoken, give to those words of encouragement, and leave no door closed, open the heart and the hand will follow, join and unite the way forward through the veil of shadows that is amongst us all.

White Thunder
27th June 2009


I am just a small grain living upon our Mother Earth’s flesh. I have spoken to many who now walk silently amongst us here on the earth plain.
I know each one who has carried upon the winds, the truth and the meaning of many messages given to the ones who are able to hear, feel or see the desperate plea for us all to awaken and to see through our eyes the horrors that are moving close to us all. So many people shy away from the simple truth; they close their eyes and continue to walk upon the road to nowhere. Changes are happening all around the globe, these changes we all contribute to, changes that are threatening the future of our world. Nobody can go back in time to undo the changes that have occurred but what we all can do is join together and recognise the panoramic view of what is really happening in the world of today; many people look through their eyes with only a portrait view, a view that they wish to see.

Many ways can be considered a vital change, a change that can only help our Mothers Bleeding Soul. Can your heart be opened enough to share with our walk, the plight to enhance the growth of change, the growth of a new beginning for the sake of our children and their children’s children? Or do your yearnings become the closed doorway, which leads to nowhere, amongst a baron landscape, burnt dry by the lack of waters, or for many the lands flooded by the rivers and oceans that are now moving in upon the once open plains of many countries? All that is asked of you is to hear the whispers, view the changes, and become a part of the future walking upon the pathway of change, a portal to a new beginning, the change for the growth of mankind’s existence here upon Mother Earth’s flesh.

White Thunder
25th June 2009.


The winds blow across our lands
Gathering echoes of silent voices
Each echo passes by those who cannot hear the words softly spoken upon the winds
The hearts of many beat strong with the strength of our Mother
Mother Earth
Whose heart beats shallow?
Is it the one whose eyes cannot see?
Or is it the ones whose eyes are open but will not see?
Gaze upon the lands of old
See the signs that are given
Feel the winds upon your skin
Now tell yourself
Are you the one whose eyes are open but will not see?


I walk upon the flesh of our Mother, Mother Earth. Each step I take, I take with great pride and joy. Why? You might say! I walk amongst the wondrous gifts of beauty that we have the pleasure given free to us.

Man’s ways shelter the eyes from the beauty that can be seen all around us. The sun shines down upon our lands with the warmth and brightness to enhance new growth to begin amongst the flowers the trees, and the young that are waiting to step out into our world leaving the safety of the cocoon that nurtured and sustained whilst growth began. The sight of all this gives me the great joy that can be felt in the winds that continue to blow, the winds of the world.

Changes can be seen all around us, why are we waiting for these changes to become out of control? Do you not enjoy Mother Earth’s gifts the way they are, do you not wish things to continue in all her glory? Or do you long for the lands to become baron and dry as the deserts or covered in the waters from the seas that are inching their way forward covering much of our lands? If you want this then allow nothing to change your ways of how you can help our Earth to replenish the natural balance that is needed; continue to walk along the long road that will only bring emptiness and loneliness for us all.

My heart saddens to those who are blinkered from the true picture of what changes are coming. Many people have spoken words not of encouragement but the word of selfishness, forgetting that the future of their children’s children depends upon us making the changes that will enable them to continue walking upon the flesh of our Mother, Mother Earth.

Look hard at yourself. Which pathway do you wish to walk; A pathway of despair or a pathway of joy?

White Thunder
6th June 2009.


Each line has been drawn throughout time itself,
Those of the old ways leave nothing aside.
Each carrier of ancient words choose to remain silent
Who shall judge if they are right or wrong?
Begin to choose which is for you.
Teachers are and still remain the pupil,
The pupil who listens will learn to become the teacher as well as the pupil,
Who can say which is the right one or the wrong one?
Choosing should never be,
Both the pupil and the teacher shall learn from many words spoken by those of the
ancient ways.
Many walk upon the lands with the false truth,
Many shield the eyes by the unseen masks of broken words.
The Truth shall shine from the eyes of the one speaking with words of pureness.
Guidance comes from within the heart and the soul,
Feel the Truth through the vibrations and the energies of the one who shares the
Wisdom with others.
Many words are given to share with those of great wisdom.
Remember, teach only the words given within the boundaries of all Truth’s.
Many walk upon the lands within the boundaries of self righteousness,
Never judge,
Leave nothing open to those whose self gain reaps no rewards.

April 2009

Children Of New Beginnings

Each walk in the vastness of gloom becomes the walk of each of us. Each word of wisdom passes by without the acknowledgement of the true meaning of what has been spoken. Each day reality looks upon every open door. Mistakes are part of being human, acknowledge those mistakes and walk within the new beginnings that are opening for all of us, teach the way through the cold mists that are abundant with the guidance of what is the Truth of all Truth’s.

Life itself is a consortium of lightness and darkness, black or white; many grey areas can be seen, these are life’s own doings. If known, the greyness of life will shine with the brightness of white light. Man’s judgement still rings the bells of past histories. These should never open old doors once walked upon by all of our Ancestors. Relight the candle of forgiveness; seek the openness of old through the eyes of new beginnings. Walk within the bright lights of Truth, begin to open the door to the heart, feed the soul, open the eyes gaze through the looking glass of what is and not what was. Each child born within the Truth of all Nations shine the light of all wisdom and knowledge, teach the true way of life to walk upon Mother Earth’s blanket. Teach the respect of our Elders; Rekindle the way of life through many stories handed down by those who walked upon the ancient sands of time. Never lose the gift of those precious stories.

The child of today is the future of mankind, leave that child with nothing of what, who and why we are, will close the doorway to our Ancestral Lineage. Respect those who walked upon the lands of time past, re-coup those words of wisdom, share all with the children of new beginnings.


Our Elders

Respect is a word that is often forgotten by many of us, we know what this word means but do we always carry out the true meaning of it out? Do we always listen and hear the words that our Elders bring us, do we listen but not hear the words that are being spoken? How many of us sit in the company of our Elders and think to ourselves that they are stuck in time by the way of their thought patterns, do we feel that they do not understand about life of today’s world? Have we the right to judge them, have we the right to ignore the very words that are being spoken? Only you can answer that by the way you are when you visit with your Elders.

Many choose to listen but fail the understanding of what is given. What do we do when we are teaching the small child the way of life? Do we speak only the once to them and if they journey through the early stages of their life and make mistakes, do we close the door on them, or do we listen to what they have to say, and try to talk to them over and over again, until they grasp what you are saying? None of us are any different to that small child. Our Elders are there to help and bring understanding of all they have learnt in their life time, some things might have changed, but strip each message down to the nakedness of truth and we will then realise that things are not so different after all.

Many Elders start to become less vocal, why is this you might ask? Could it be that they know that us as the younger generation wishes not to hear what they have to say and that they might have become a burden to us?

Stop and search your heart? Have you been a guilty one who has walked down this pathway, and maybe have forgotten that our Elders should be able to have a voice and that they actually do know more than we do as they have lived a lot longer on their pathway of life?

Offer the openness of your heart and once again allow the voices of our Elders to be heard, and remember, each hand offered with love is the strength of our people.

8th January 2009

Life of Us All

How many of us can put our hand on our hearts and say that we are fully aware of what is happening across the world? I know that we all might say that we do understand, but to what level of understanding have we all got? There are many people who have chosen to take the pathway of teaching, and sharing the great wisdom of our ancestors, our ancestors who lived upon the lands that were once of plenty, the soils are now bearing less of Mother Earth’s fruits for us all to share. We know that climate changes are happening, but how much of these changes are a natural cleansing process and how much are because of mankind? If we try to understand a little more, and we collectively put all the elements together, the natural Earth’s cleansing and the hand of mankind explains why we are experiencing major catastrophes all around. Our Mother Earth cannot and will nor withstand or take anymore from her abusers.

Many Peace Keepers deliver messages to us all in the hope of us as a collective or as an individual to change our ways of living upon the soils of Mother Earth to try and bring peace and harmony, which is the balance, back amongst the human race. As we all know and appreciate not all will be peaceful amongst every nation and culture, but what we all can hope and pray for is a balance between the energies of positive and negative that we all hold within our bodies. As we know, one will not survive without the other, but what we can do is understand on a deeper level of how we can take the path of not judging, try to understand why we become angered by someone, why somebody has chosen to forget you even exist. Wherever things become tangled there is always a reason. This is what we all should try to look for, to find the reason why things might have happened, this will help to bring the balance back within your own spirit. Choosing to ignore what has caused the hurt will not help you as a person. As we all know, what we tend to do is bury the fact of somebody hurting us, so therefore we carry this within our hearts, and this does not alleviate anything it just accumulates, so then we become colder towards many people, who might just need a little more understanding from each of us.

We, the human race is a very complex computer. We do not expect a computer to perform to the best ability if it holds so much information that it crashes. What do we do? We clean the memory up and download information on to discs or delete what we do not require anymore. Our brains and bodies are no different. Our bodies will crash in the end if we harbour so much anger and disappointments against life and other people, we become tired, depressed and many go to the next step to end things. Why should we allow this to happen? We should try to understand maybe a friend or neighbour who has reached this point, a simple smile or a few words each day, brings a little life back into the heart of each person suffering.

Life is far too precious, a gift of pureness, and life is far too short to waste. Each morning you wake up, this is a gift. Waking to the song of the birds, the whispers of the winds that blow gently or ferociously, this is still a precious gift, a gift that we all share together, the waters that crash upon our shores, the rains that fall, these a precious gift to enjoy together.

Why waste the gift of life? Take time and enjoy the gifts of Mother Earth’s Beauty, walk amongst the trees, and the soft grasses that grow all around, let the wind caress your skin, smell the earth beneath your feet, place your hand in the waters that freely flow, listen to the echoes of Mother Earth’s Beating Heart. Let all remain reality and not a memory of the past. Cherish all that is given upon our Sacred Lands and run free with the winds that continue to blow.

8th January 2009.

Many of us find it hard to take in the full extent of what is happening in our world of today, we tend to concentrate on our own little circle, which I must say is not wrong, but we all need to extend our own pictures a little further afield and acknowledge the way things really are. We are all affected by climate change and the economical crisis which is going on all over the world; this is just but a small pebble in a big ocean, affecting our homes, our lives. Teaching little changes to the children will bring growth to the unseen chain of existence around the planet.

Walls and barriers that have been passed down through many lineages contribute to people’s angers through the pain and horror of past happenings. We cannot escape from the simple fact that these wrongs were done by so many people. We all now need to try and choose the way forward, help the young to start and forgive by showing that we as adults are changing our ways of thought and understanding and that past histories are there and cannot be removed, but that through the lack of understandings things also can tangle the minds of so many people. Teach the child of the future the way to understand that histories are a source of what we should not be repeating and that new beginnings can be found through working with all Races and Cultures across the World. Much of man’s doings are the course of racial discrimination and hatred. Why should the colour of your skin or the way you walk your pathway upon the earth be the judgement of that person? Does a blind person see the colour of the skin and use that as an excuse to dislike that man/woman? No! They channel their perception of that person into the energies they pick up whether it is from the voice or what comes from within that person. So why do many of us judge by colour or belief?

What is given to everyone of us is a heart, which is the life of us all, share your heart with our mother, Mother Earth’s Heart, join hands and walk together, walk as one and stand for all beliefs, for your heart is my heart and many others who share the commitment of changing the ways of man’s openness to destroy the very heart of our world through greed and lack of understanding. We continue to destroy by digging continuously into the surface of the planet, weaknesses are forming over the whole of planet earth, in time these weaknesses will join forces and then this will become the strength of world destruction. Many countries have suffered massive shifts in weather structures, this is just the beginning, this is showing us that things do have to change, but are the right people taking any notice? The four elements are fighting back now, we have no control over this, but the change in our ways will strongly alleviate in time the continuation of such disasters.

Mother Earth goes through a natural cleansing period, but her cleansing has now become unnatural simply because we have added to her pain, so she has to work harder at her cleansing using her four elements, the earth, wind, fire and water. Just gaze upon what disasters have happened already, see for yourselves, things have become so clear the hunter walking upon Mother Earth has now become the hunted walking upon our lands.

Stop the pace of speed in the fast lane upon
Mother Earth
Slow down
Change your lane to help balance the future
For your
Children’s Children
Before it becomes too late for us all.


Message Given to Share With All Peace Keepers on 16th December 2008.

Rivers run deep, search the conscious world to find the rivers of unconsciousness. Before time, the worlds gaze shortens the minds eye. Within visionary eye, man opens doorways through which waters seep, through many doorways, openings become reality.

The mind becomes the vessel through which many words are given. Some distort through blockages of the tongue, each vessel becomes a carrier of many Wisdom Keeper’s Truth. Man’s tongue destroys many meanings of such words given, within the mind’s eye many visions are shown, each visionary messenger given the gift known as a Dreamer of Visions. Man’s thoughts disturb the meaning of each visionary message. Each carrier is known to many who have passed through time. Beneath star gazers astrological writings, the world known to man distorts many of the Truth’s given.

Much has been written on many surfaces which still shows the true ways of the lands and all carriers that walk upon the ancient lands of time. Peace Keepers knowledge harbours through misunderstandings, the truth of what is to become of mankind if knowledge and the true way of living does not change before long.

Energies become disrupted through windows of the hearts angers, time continues to proceed through the lands disrupting through shadows that form blankets in, upon and around the energies that flow from within those carriers of much pain, sorrow, which in time angers supersede the Truth of each one walking upon Mother Earth’s skin.

Begin the new journey and place the first footstep upon the soils of all sacred lands with the openness of the heart, releasing the angers upon the breath of Mother Earth’s breezes. Let the understanding adorn the hearts doorway, accept the deeds done by many throughout time and begin to transform the anger, pain and the tears and fulfilling the wish of many ancestors to offer the open hand not in judgement, but in warmth and above all the hand of understanding. Lessen the effect of pain by fulfilling the heart with Truth of understandings.

My knowledge as Peace Keeper, Carrier of many teachings – I prayed and I still pray for those Peace Keeper’s who journey throughout Nations of all colours, to be able to continue the pathway of hope.

Teachers acknowledgment of words given and spoken throughout lands need to acknowledge the Truth of all words given through books written by those entrusted with words of encouragement, many teachings that uphold the Holy Ones Wisdom.

Many people of my own Nation come to those gatherings held by few – walk within the half light of truth. Peace Keepers words listen to, each carrier of wisdom hear what is being spoken. Speak only what is heard through the tongues of all Holy Ones. Never change the Truth. Many Wisdom Keeper’s know what is light and what is shadowed.
Peace Brothers and Sisters for I know now what is written before I passed over to the lands of the Holy Ones is words spoken from the hearts of many who walk within the strong light of all Spoken Truth’s.


My name known to those Peace Keeper’s, each understand, I know now what was written in the book known to many is words spoken within all boundaries of TRUTH.


Message Given on 4th October 2008.

We work through many, peace walks nowhere on soils across many oceans. Each Nation across the world places the heart in the hands of the words written back through time.

Wait for the right people to arise from smoke taken within, and all loses, eyes closed to the new ones who step forth amongst races and cultures across ancient lands, future existence will begin to change if you wake the heart from within the body. Mind controls what can be seen, if the veil is lifted the light shines once more with the gift of sight for each of you.

Man, woman grows weak from within. The child lives through those who challenge many words given, each child will shine the light of nothing if nothing changes. Many words known to our hearts, songs are sung through prayers of ancient Keepers, those words sung, we listen to. We bring the gift of courage to those whose eyes begin to open wide. The lands carry the pain of many fallen upon, within, courage of commitment bears the hands of openness. Judgement shown within all Nations upon which many words spoken with anger, brings forward the light of darkness.

Each child embraces the light of innocence. Teach those of tomorrow the ways through the deceit and deception of mankind. Challenge not those words of judgement, peace within will bear the strength of many. Those who walk amongst the Angels Of Darkness, growth will become full of emptiness. Share with every colour of every Nation the joys of peace, balance and harmony, those who share words of ancient mouths with only the ones of own colour and culture break the balance of tomorrow. Nothing shared will bring the gain of nothingness.

Many old ones still carry the Shields Of Sacredness deep within the heart, each shield carried through time releases pureness of Ancient Ones beliefs. Now is the time to awaken those words carried deep within the many shields of The Holy Ones. Each step through time changes through man’s growth. Wisdom Carriers need now the growth of the people who walk upon Mother Earth’s skin will arise to carry together the light of truth and glory for the child that grows within and upon the soils of our Mother’s flesh.

Many ways are encircled by the sacredness of what was. Many broken arrows fallen upon lands upon, within the open wounds of those fallen arrows still remain. Each one who walks upon many lands, wish to change the way mankind’s angers have achieved the imbalance brought to Mother Earth’s beating heart. Each one carries forward many great visions of the heart and soul, Keepers of today need to bring forth the hoop of forgiveness. The truth will shine over all lands across all Nations of the world of today once teachings of many cultures are opened to those who wish to gain the knowledge and understanding of what has been carried forward through time.

Peace lies deep within the hearts of everyone, whether angers, destruction or misunderstandings shadow the truth. Before time exists no more, open the hand, release the heart, cleanse the soul, walk free once more upon the soils of your lands. Realization of what has been written from then, now and what is to come will bring forward the growth of new beginnings.

Shine with brightness the torch of life that burns deep within all living, breathing creations. Speak only words understood, speak the truth for the truth is the strength of oneness.

Message Channelled from The Holy Ones


Simple Steps

What are thoughts if nothing is in fulfilment of those unheard words?

Many of us wish for many things whether it be for ourselves or others. If we all had one wish that we know would come true, what would it be like in the world after these had been granted. Each child grows with the knowledge of learning from those in and around the home, once the age has been reached the learning process comes then from the teacher and from the home, each child learns at a different rate. Some have no problem grasping the academic world, others find it hard to cope with. Does this make them any different from the ones who struggle? Pressure put upon that child teaches them to gain not the confidence that they should have, but to gain the feeling that they have let their parents down, this in turn begins to have a spiral effect on them personally. Each child remains an equal through the eyes of the one of all creations. Whose name you wish to refer to is of your choosing.

Conflict begins to emerge from within the mind of the child, they start to flourish as little people then grow to walk as an equal, apart from those who have been chosen to leave Mother Earth’s nest. For reasons of this we all question, even though we might have an insight into the Astral Plains, we still question why has this or that happened. Who can answer the why’s? If we had the answers would this then make it a lot easier to accept life’s heartaches? I can only give my opinion on that, for me the answer would be not at that moment in time, but yes it would ease the pain after a while, simply because once you are aware of the after life or even the slight understanding of this, things seem to change, and in time it becomes less of a struggle to deal with each passing.

Balance of all things in life can be very basic, for each one who carries the understanding of Mother Nature and Mother Earth, links the truth for what we all as the human race should be considering. Are you or I able to help reconstruct Natures imbalance and start to sow once more the seed of our Planets existence and to cease the abuse that has been happening for such a long time? A simple YES is the answer.

Remember the child put under the pressure of schooling. Our Planet is that child, the spiral has started for our Mother Earth, keep the pressure on, and the spiral for us all intensifies. We as that individual child can alleviate the strain by holding open the heart, offering the openness of the hand and have the understanding not of the world but for yourself that individual child. Change just a little of the way you live your life, this will help stop much of what we collectively as the human race are doing to our Earth, this being the cause of the tightening of the very coil that holds the very heart of our planet together

Firm but simple steps is all that is needed by that individual child to allow the arm of growth to flourish through the lands of time past, present and the lands of the future.

Veil of the Night

The veil of the night slowly walks over Mother Earths beating heart
Wolves Howl and the Dogs continue to Bark
As the young and old caress the warmth and softness of their bed
The winds blow gently amongst the concrete jungle upon the lands
Many echoes of the past can be seen and heard
Man’s hand lays heavy upon the ground
Marks of that hand can be seen all around
Scarring the lands beyond repair
When will this cease
Do you really care?

Walk Tall

Walk tall, unite with the freedom of all
Ways governed by those whose greed breaks the laws of Mother Earth
Shall reign over fruitless lands
Each law unwritten but passed down through time
Shall reign over all Nations once again
Growth of Unity is the seed of Mother Earth
Plant the seed of emptiness nothing will grow through time
Enhance the growth of each seed planted with the understanding of life
All will glisten and bear the fruits of worth
Teach with the words of Truth
Bring the understandings to each child of tomorrow
Sing, Dance, with the Beat of the drum
Share the love and warmth to those who listen
Sacred is the Spirit for the Spirit shall never die
Bless the earth beneath your feet
Growth of mankind takes all that Mother Earth has given
Freedom comes when the chains are broken
Change nothing and nothing shall remain for those of tomorrow
Each child born to man
Shines with the light of new beginnings
Mankind challenges Mother Earth’s beating heart
Balance of all today
Will enable the Child of Tomorrow
To walk freely upon the lands
Enriched with the gift of beauty
Shared by each and all of today.

White Thunder 2 July 2008

Heart Beat

Place the hand upon the arm of a friend
Share the love within the heart of us all
Each word sung in song
Radiates the love of the universe
Words carry through time
Pictures fade
Memories last for ever
Peace lies in the hearts of all
Open the door
Let the love flow
Rivers of warmth
Shine through the lands of old
Give love to the life we have
Share with us all
Unite and stand as one
Share the blood that flows within the veins of each and all
Join together the beat of the heart
Beat with the Heart of our
Mother, Mother Earth
Beat the heart of

White Thunder 13th January 2008.

What Is Beauty

Each of us looks upon Beauty in many different ways, but is there a real difference in what we see as individuals?

If a man, woman or child has a disfigurement in any way, does that mean that they are not beautiful? No is the answer. People’s Beauty comes from within their heart and their soul. The body is just a covering, this can change rapidly not just with the aging process but with many disfigurements such as scarring, but it changes nothing to the beauty that lies within.

Many will ridicule or shun those who have disfigurements of the body, and that is very sad and very hurtful to that person, the sadness can be seen if only we would take time to look deep into their eyes, the eyes of us all tell a story of who and what we are, they never lie, they are the window to our soul.

Angers of many are just a mask or a front covering up frustrations or hurts done by others. Realisation of many things can help change our pattern in life, if we smile and give of a happy vibration then the response from others will be of the same, a light and happy vibration. If we are angry, cross or moody when we are in the company of others then this vibration will spread to others around and in turn they will avoid being in your company. Animals can also be included in this as they have the ability to pick up on all vibrations and mood changes; they also will be a little more sensitive towards you if your mood is not happy.

Much of man’s ways disfigure a great many things, many we do not see or take any notice of, unless we actually take stock and then we become aware of those changes.

All around the world changes are becoming more apparent, we hear this through the media, many disasters are happening, many lives are lost not just the people but of the plant and animal kingdom. What does this have to do with things? If you take the plant kingdom, trees, plants that survive in and around our waters, wild plants that grow in our meadows, fields and hedgerows, all is part of the survival of us all, take these away from the picture our lives would soon become a non entity of our Planet Mother Earth. Our trees and plants serve a purpose to us all, not just with the visual beauty, but the beauty of giving us oxygen so that we may continue to survive.

Mother Earth continues to carry mankind’s wounds, all around we can see the scars that have been placed upon her body, her bowel is the bowel of us all, poisons seep through her body which we have and are still passing on to her by us all.

Each valley is the valley of her love, the howl of the wolf is the cry from within her heart, and each sound echoes the sound of her voice.

Teach the wisdom that we all carry within ourselves, echo her words to the child of tomorrow, step through the open door that is there for us all to share, walk together through the ever changing lands, place trust and honour in the love that is freely given by our Mother, Mother Earth. Tear no more at the flesh that covers her bleeding heart.

Stand together
Stand as one
Stand for hope
Stand for our Mother of all Lands
Stand and Unite
Stand for all children of tomorrow
Stand for what we all live for
Stand for
World Peace.

White Thunder 13th January 2008.





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