Peace and Harmony

If each of us began to share these words just with the people who we know and meet along the pathway of our existence then those two words have reached the seed for a new life to begin upon the Earth and allow the true meaning of Peace and Harmony to flourish once more. If we cannot start with who we know, how can any of us expect the rest of the world to follow what we are trying to teach? Share amongst those who walked beside you once as a friend, (now you turn from and see them as your enemy), the truth of Peace and Harmony, offer the hand in Peace, rejoin the broken link in the chain of Harmony, stand beside all and walk once again as one.


Truth and Honesty

If you are being Truthful to yourself then you are being Honest to everyone, but can you say that you have and are being Truthful to yourself, and you have and are not judging anybody who has made you angry or has upset you in anyway? Have you left your heart open to the one who has angered you or have you turned and closed your heart to them? Or are you guilty of walking away from someone because of losing face with others, and in fear of many turning from you, or are you standing for what you believe in whether others turn away because of their own angers? Only you will know the answer to that. Look within you own heart, speak only the Truth to yourself, once you acknowledge the Truth then Honesty will be found and shine from within you.

Mother Earth

If we can achieve the above then Mother Earth will start to replenish and repair herself, we can become her helpers and not her hinderers, which we are all guilty of playing a role in.

The choice is all of ours. Do we stand for Mother Earth or do we stand against Her? All I can say is choose wisely, but above all choose with the Truth and Honesty and work together, walk as one to achieve Peace and Harmony.

White Thunder 30th December 2007

Christmas Gift You Could Share

Christmas has a special meaning to a great many people of all cultures. Each time a year comes near to its closure many of us talk about New Year resolutions, how many of us actually put these resolutions into play?

On New Years Eve this year just give a little time to think what resolution you could make and be able to keep through the New Year to come.

The most important thing that we could all do for the beginning of the New Year that is nearly upon us all is to forgive the misunderstandings that happen between a fellow man that once walked as your friend and now has become your enemy.

Life is far too short to have grievances between a fellow brother/sister, this penetrates even into the family home of many people. Brothers/sisters of all nations across the world no matter what they believe in should not harbour hatred or any other form of anger, through misunderstanding and listening to other people who have judged.

Reach deep within you own soul, seek the window that once shone towards others, clear away the veils of disappointments, seek a new way to re open that lost friendship, make your resolution the resolution to help bring the Peace and Harmony back to walk with you as the hand of all and not just the hand of only a few.

Open the door to your heart with Peace, for Peace is the balance for all Mankind, Mother Earth’s heart will then beat with the heart of you and me.

Mother Earth’s Heart is the Heart Beat for All Nations
Of the World Today!


Patience and understanding is a wonderful gift to have; we all walk amongst many who find it difficult to wait for many things to be achieved. Time continues to flow by, just as the winds blow across Mother Earth’s flesh. Many changes are happening to our Planet, these changes are happening right before our eyes, whether we notice them or not, they are still happening. Shifts in the sands of old continue to erode the lands on our shore lines, causing lands to disappear amongst the seas and ancient waters that once covered many open spaces of today’s world.

Nations of many cultures, colours and creeds still continue to fight within their own people. Change the look upon the face which is of angers, to the openness of a smile, listen to the many words spoken by individuals, understand that their way might not be your way of thinking, but leave open the gateway of understanding, join together in peace, walk side by side and stand as one, togetherness, openness and warmth to the one who speaks of different ways, changes the bridge of emptiness to the bridge of fulfilment.

Many are against the words given by those chosen to bring awareness and understanding of reality to all peoples, many disregard the messages given under the flag of truth, their reasons are not for us to know, but for those who walk the pathway of distrust to acknowledge and for them to look through the eyes of yesterday and not through the eyes of tomorrow, then so be it.

Each word said in thought, prayer or openly against another’s belief or representation of works done for the sake of our Mother Earth’s existence - if these words are spoken in any form of anger shall return to the one whose tongue has spoken these, then he/she will walk amongst the shadows of loneliness. Many words spoken in anger echo across many lands and across many oceans reaching the shores of many who walk the pathways of hope for Mother Earth’s existence and for a new beginning for mankind. These words bring forth the elements of darkness around themselves and amongst nations of all peoples, releasing the shadows of mistrust, confusion and fear, these need to be laid to rest for the sake of our children’s children, the child of tomorrow.

Many who have spoken of Peace and Harmony share in the guilt of speaking angry words against a brother or sister (a fellow man). Is this following the true path of Peace and Harmony that they are representing and have chosen to walk amongst many Nations teaching words of wisdom and bringing the knowledge of the Ancient Ones to within our homes? I will leave that up to you to decide.

The way of living today changes a great deal from that of yesterday, the ways of old are the foundations of us all, these ways do not have to stand still in time. Today’s way of living has become the essence of destruction for our Planet as many of us realise, but nobody can exist by the Ancient Ways only, we all unite many of the old and many of the new ways together. Why is it so hard then for those who have chosen to turn their back on the ones who choose to teach using both the old and the new ways of life, to offer the hand of Peace and walk side by side and walk through the lands as one? This would be the Truth of the words ‘Peace and Harmony’, also the Truth of the words ‘Peace Keeper’, If I stand in judgement of what has been written, then I will stand before all and be judged.

It is time for many people of all Nations across the world to Wake Up to the truth, and acknowledge the simple fact of being guilty of judging and convicting and carrying many angers within your own self against a fellow brother or sister, so I ask “Where does the word Peace and Harmony have the accurate meaning”?

Balance of all ways will not do the harm that is being done by many words spoken in anger, against those walking the same path to bring Peace and Harmony to our Planet, Mother Earth, and to all peoples of all Nations.

Mothers Earths Guardians

Man gazes upon the lands of old, through eyes not seeing what should be happening but through the eyes of gain. Softly voices of Mother Earth’s guardians whisper to those who hear echoing pleas to each and all. Hardness and control walks with many, those of whom choose to desecrate what is to be treasured by us all. Many guardians of our Mother, Mother Earth shed tears for all Nations, each carrying the pain through the heart beat of our Earth. Children run, joy can be seen in the eyes of the ones who share the innocence of trust, each child not knowing that their tomorrow may never be. Rise above temptation of greed, look through the eyes of openness, understand the cries of Mother Earth, each tear shed from the eyes that close no doorway to the sacred heartbeat of Mother Earth will not go unnoticed by the Creator of all creations.

Step through the shadows of discontentment, open the arms to embrace the warmth and love given, change Mother Earth’s tears of sadness and join together and shed the tears of joy, recognise that each step taken to enhance the balance of our Planet, will change tomorrow for those of innocence.

Many storms rage upon our Nations, rains fall heavy upon many lands destroying all life in its path. Each storm carries the angers of Mother Earth. Many lands yearn for waters to quench there thirst, cracks open deeper and wider waiting for the storms to rage, the thirst of those lands never to be quenched. Where is the balance of all creation?

Time has now come for us all to Sit Up, Wake Up and recognise the life of our Planet, Mother Earth depends on us and the human race, and that her needs are for the sake of all life that exists upon her flesh. Make the first move and take that first step towards saving our Mother of All.

White Thunder 5th December 2007

Dance Of The Silent Ones

When night skies begin to form
Silent shadows move amongst the glistening moon
Many footsteps fade from the sight of man
Whispers echo through the moonlit skies
Winds gently caress the lands of Old

Many dance silently within the rays of the moon
Each step echoing words of song
Teach the young ways to believe
All Nations join the hand
Dance with the footsteps of the silent ones

Dance your dance for tomorrow
Make your heart beat as one
Join together, dance in Peace
Mother Earth’s heart waits for all to share
The beat of her heart
To become the beat of us all

Stand and be counted
Stand as one

White Thunder 1st December 2007

The Shell Of All

The shell is the outer casing of many things, covering the flesh of many fruits, the tree has a shell covering the soft woods lying underneath the coating of bark, and we as humans have flesh covering the soft organs and tissues of our bodies. These shells hold all things together to protect from the damage that can be caused. Mother Earth’s shell is the soils that coat her nakedness throughout all lands. Do we have the right to desecrate her shell and destroy her soft flesh, or should we help her to protect the soils of her lands? Mother Earth allows us to walk upon her flesh, now she has to protect herself as we are the guilty ones who have continued to abuse. If we had all our oils or fluids drained from our bodies what would happen to us? We would be no more. Is this any different to the earth we all take for granted? The abuse we have and are still giving to the lands of the world are causing much of the worlds destruction, this comes in the form of many ways such as the floods, the tsunami that we all know about, the lands drying up, and the climate change that is so prolific. All these and many more are the signs Mother Earth is showing us to actually WAKE UP and see the reality for ourselves.

We hear of many different ways of being abused, we hear of rapes, killings and many other horrific things happening all over the world. Our Planet Mother Earth is continually being raped every second of each day, but many do nothing to help her, we still continue to choose to close our eyes to much of what is being done. A small number of people have recognised what is happening to our Planet, they strive to bring awareness to many, so time is right now, join those who have chosen to assist Mother Earth in recognising her cry for help. Make your footsteps last for future generations to come, join unite the open hand offered by many others, start the journey for our Planet Mother Earth, ignorance will be the failing of mankind’s existence as we know of it today.

White Thunder 2nd December 2007

Words of Anger

Many words change through different cultures, each language uses ways of explaining what has been told by various people, or what has been written down through histories. Time is said to be a great healer for many things that happen to us in our lives. Our ancestors walked upon ancient grounds, as we also do. Many footsteps have been covered and soiled by the battles that have been fought over decades of time; today nothing has changed. We still hear of wars that rage across many lands, lands are being destroyed; lives are being taken which leave many families to carry deep sorrows and pain within their hearts. Wars of a different kind also continue to rage between many people. Angers of hurt seep through the veins of many nations causing conflict between a vast number of people. Each word said in anger carries the arrow of destruction, for each arrow fired causes pain which ripples through the hearts of those who walk upon the lands, each footstep placed down upon Mother Earth carries the vibrations of angers, these lay deep within the soils of Mother Earth and vibrate with distortion and not of peace and harmony.

Many words can deceive those who listen, eyes of the one who is the deceiver will open wide, each eye cannot deceive, for the eyes open the door to the soul. Listen to those words of deception; understand the eye and you will not be deceived.

Understanding of the words spoken in anger towards you will enable you to feel less pain, once you have gazed upon the landscape of all words and not a portrait of what has been spoken.

Ways through the mists of turmoil can be found once angers of destruction are released and the pain of hurts are comforted, retaliation of those angers increase the mists through thoughts, these thoughts hurt only one and that is you, not the one who has walked away, leave the angers behind and the hurts heal upon the winds of time.

Peace for you all lies deep within your heart and soul, search for the truth and the understanding of all deeds done, recognise what was and what is. Join together open the heart offer the hand and walk together upon the pathway of the future.

White Thunder 23rd November 2007

Many flames continue to burn brightly from the fires that dwell deep within the Sanctity of our Hearts
Each fire glows with the embers of time past
New embers grow from the love warmth and the hearts of many who share with each and all the wondrous Gift of life.
Each heart beat, beats the rhythm of sacredness of our Mother, Mother Earth
Silence of many words will change nothing
Step through the boundaries of silence
Open the Heart
Spread the wings of sacredness
Join together the hand of openness
Each word given with the warmth and the love from within
Carries far upon the winds of change
Nations of all lands
Unite and Join with many
Offer the open hand
Each vibration shall remain strong
For our Mother, Mother Earth
Cries her tears
For us all

White Thunder 21st November 2007.

The World Healing

Many of us carry the healing medicine of the great spirits, whether we know this or fail to recognise or realise it. Each thought, prayer or gesture is received by those who silently walk within around and upon the winds that we all share.

Many who work within the world of healing gaze upon the gift as though it is them who are the one who carries the power of healing, failing to recognise that we are the ones who are but the vessel to carry the powers gifted and given by the great spirits to help the repair of the earthly body.

How many of us prepare the physical body to enable the pure energies to flow through our hands to assist the one who is to receive healing? Do we prepare ourselves and call upon the silent ones to aid us in our cleansing or do we just step forward and start to heal straight away and never become as one and allow ourselves to become a hollow bone to be used? I know I have been guilty of just stepping forward. Once you remember to cleanse and clear through your body and allow yourselves to become the empty vessel, you will certainly know and feel the difference with your healing. The strength of all is within you; recognise the truth that lies within the balance between the physical and spiritual body, allow the two to be recognised and become one. Always remember the heart the soul and the mind is one and all, each paradox engages the unseen world of truth forgotten by many of today.

White Thunder 21st November 2007.


Many messages are told many ways, once stripped naked all are of one. Each of us who share in the welfare of Mother Earth are the same, all are of one. My words given to share with you are of the same or of a similar nature. Would you as a parent tell your child only the once to be careful or not to do that, or would you keep reiterating the dangers to your child until one day the understanding to that child is understood and has registered, so the mistake is not made again? Good teachers will never turn away or close the door on a pupil that is struggling to conform to the laws that are laid down before us all.

Many of us still have not heard or listened to the simple facts or are still lacking in the full understanding of all that is happening to our Planet Mother Earth, between all Nations. If who reads all of the messages given is guilty of saying that all is repeated time and time again, then step forward write to the address given on this web page, speak up, give a truthful opinion of how you see things and give your understanding of how you perceive to seeing what is the truth or not. I have now opened the door for you to step forward and to speak up; I have and will answer any questions you might give, with an honest and truthful answer, if you have the courage to make your words spoken in anger known to me. If not, then have you the right to judge what has been given or to question? If you find the courage to step forward and give your honest opinion of how you see things, you have begun the journey forward to make the mark of truth stand for all of mankind.

Now is the time to wake up and leave behind the doubts and fears of what people might think, or to hide behind closed doors of acknowledging that your beliefs are the beliefs of many who walk upon many pathways in the hope that peoples eyes will open once again to much of what is given to enlighten those blinkered by the mistrust and angers that vibrate through the energies of Mother Earth.

Many who share and participate in all forms of gatherings walk within the sacredness of all Ancient Ones whose beliefs are carried forth by each and all who wish to understand and walk in the true way of life. Each vibration that is carried by the ones who attend, unites and radiates far beyond the eyes of mankind. Each vibration remains the truth of the one who releases those energies, discord held within those individuals who gather vibrates and distorts energies that form. Many carry deep within, angers of disagreements towards those who gather together, if those angers fail to be released all forms of vibrations and energies then become tainted through the vibration of the one who carry’s within the disharmony and discord. Is this what is called Peace and Harmony and working and walking together? I will leave that for you to decide!

Many brothers and sisters around the world are disunited through reasons beknown to oneself. Through time records have been recorded, many depict that rivalry starts from within a Nation and spreads far and wide, if each Tribe or Nation across our Planet fails to unite and offer the hand of Peace and stand and walk as one, life will begin to cease throughout all lands. Many talk, walk and act for the word of peace; each one that carries a grievance against another Brother or Sister of their Nation fails all words of Peace and Harmony. Man’s heart is strong, unite together the hearts of all, stand tall, walk as one and offer the hand of openness, release all angers of judgement, cease the actions of discord, open the eyes, gaze upon the lands, see for yourselves the importance of acceptance of all. Segregation of one leads to disruption of many, this ripples through the lands of all Nations. Break that disruption, cease the rivalry, offer the open hand of forgiveness and choose to stand and walk together as one.

White Thunder 12th November 2007

Many people travel to many nations across Mother Earth’s coverings. Those chosen to walk the pathway to bring in abundance messages from within their very heart and whose courage and beliefs are the strength for all children to come, will continue the pathway of old for the sake of us all.

Those who question individuals who walk in peace upon the chosen pathways cause many unseen ripples that vibrates through each nation of now. Battles between Peace Keepers remain strong, conflicting words spoken through whispers of angers all remain and continue to carry upon all winds of all seasons, these words change nothing, for no man who is guilty who unites with the words spoken in anger listens to what was and what is to come. Forces of anger continue through time, man’s guidance is given to each Peace Keeper of now through visions of the minds eye, each vision shown to those chosen to receive is the strength of Mother Earth’s and Mankind’s very existence.

Ancient ways and beliefs walk within many. Those who bring new teachings into the circle of the Ancient Ones' ways enable man of today to join and unite the forces of truths, through new ways of teaching. Many journey upon all pathways of our Ancient Ones teaching words of Peace, these words fail through the lack of understanding of what is to be. The winds of change have now come; listen to the winds, for the winds of change carry the truth for all to hear. Place open the heart and soul, change those words of anger that are thrown amongst all Brothers and Sisters of all Nations to words of Peace. Change for all is upon us now, lift the gaze to the skies, clear those fears that form doubts amongst many who walk the pathway to Peace.

White Thunder 10th November 2007

Gateways cross over many old pathways
Ancient Ones wait for those Wisdom Carriers to listen
Words of past and present Unite
For each silent whisper of old
Re kindles the fires that once burnt bright for all to share

Stars form the gateways soon to be shown
Open the heart listen to the soul
Walk through the mists of conception
Once words understood
Lights will shine for all of mankind

Place the hand of openness before the one who gave life to all
Whispers of all words spoken
Echo on the winds of change
Peace remains in the hands of man
Turn from that which is written
Mother Earths Lands cease to remain

Walk with all on the stairway to enlightenment
Each whisper heard will remain on the winds
Carry forth All Spoken Truths
Offer the winds words spoken of belief
Each heart that opens releases all words spoken
By the one whose belief carried the emblem of Peace

White Thunder 8th November 2007

The umbilical cord of life shall remain in the balance
Man walks with in, upon and through, the gift of Mother Earth’s beauties
Many soon will walk upon the pathways opened by our forefathers
Each umbilical cord links the lineage to many Wise Wisdom Carriers of time past
Many now gaze upon open roads often lacking the understanding of words written upon ancient walls
Histories told by man leaves many words unspoken
Writings left on walls of stone open many gateways
For those teachings left by many Ancient Ones tell much of the present and the time to come
Speak only that of what is understood
Gaze upon the Truth, for the Truth is there before each and all
Each step through time is the stairway to all Truths.
Feel with the openness of the heart
Trust in visions of the soul
Listen to winds echoing words sung by many Ancient Ones

White Thunder 6th November 2007.

Each and all of us walk amongst the memories of time past.
Nations from the four corners of Mother Earth hold the History’s of all Ancient Ones,
Nations now wait for pages of that history to unfold. Places known to mankind link the past, present and the future written upon stones of old. All eyes gaze upon what is now happening across many waters, fulfilment of much will remain for all future generations to come. Wise are the keepers of old words spoken. Each door remains closed with the seal of old by those who share the doubts of all words written and those carried upon the winds of change. Many voices wait to be heard. Seals unleash powers of the truth; walk with all understanding of each Peace Keeper's wisdom and knowledge. Many shall rise from the storms, each storm carries messages of time past, time is now, hear the whispers of all that waits upon the winds of old. Teachings of many go unheard through lack of reasoning. Search within the wisdom and knowledge that has been spoken, look upon the truth for the truth holds no mysteries. Secrets are the way of the child’s mind, Keepers hold close many doors now to be opened for all that is to come. Place open the hand of truth, honesty and above all the hand of trust, beneath which the sword of guidance shall become the future for all of mankind.

White Thunder 4th November 2007


Peace lies within us all
Place the hand on the heart
The key that shines before the eyes of all Wisdom Carriers remains to be seen
Waste not words of judgement
Keepers take hold of all spoken under the emblem of Truth
Trust will outshine many words of deception
Sparks re kindle the flame that was, is now and will burn bright for all that was achieved for the sake of mankind
Each mark through time will remain
Stones crumble to dust, each grain shall be given back by words written under the name of Truth.
Begin the journeys upon the roads that once carried the footsteps of purity
Each passage through time uncovers many spoken truths forgotten by many
Peace Keepers of then once stood for all
Each walked with the openness of Truth, Trust and Honesty
For now wake the light, seek the Truth from beyond the eyes of normality
Visions wait for all Peace Keepers
Open the door of the mind’s eye
Listen to what is given
Understand what is shown
Free own self from the bonds of doubt.
Travel with the openness of the soul
Fears cloud judgement of the visions given
Trust will start to form the new pathway open for all.

White Thunder 3rd November 2007

Messengers walk upon the pathways of Ancient Ones
Giving Blessings to Mother Earth, Father Sky and all of creations born to assist in the world of today
Each seed carry’s on the winds of old
Words foretold by many Ancient ones, whisper gently through Wisdom Carriers of all Colours and all Nations.
Peace within all Brothers and Sisters, let rise from the pain and sorrows that of which burdens the heart and soul of many.
Drink the water that flows
Caress the lands
Understand the light that is given by the one who walked and walks the pathways of enlightenment.
Eyes of the world are within each and all,
Sight through many visions carry forward the understanding of all creations.
Time is NOW
Open the heart and listen to the waters that flow through many lands.
White lights shine bright for all to follow
Walk through the valleys of darkness, carry the candle that burns deep within us all. Truth will gather strength
Walk the pathways open to many
Belief of what is written, challenged by many, will gather strength from the hand of all creations.

White Thunder 3rd November 2007

Time Walks

Time walks the pathways of the world
Mans gaze walks beneath the shadows of greed
Time is now to walk amongst the trees of beauty
All creations silently await changes to be done by mankind
Peace Brothers and Sisters of all Nations

Look towards the skies, lift the veils of darkness
Change for tomorrow’s child
Place open the heart, offer the hand of guidance
Dance with the rays of the sun, moon and stars
Listen to the winds, for the winds carry words spoken from the Warriors Of Old

Carry the seeds of change given by the hand of our Mother
Place the seeds before all Nations around the world
Teach only the truth, for the truth will never die
Seek only that which is written, spoken with openness and guided by many
Many pictures given shine the bright light of truth

Many masks uncover no truths
Each mask dies upon the winds of the old
Gaze upon the truth and the mask reveals the mark of time past
Each sword given once remains open to walk the pathways of forgiveness
Star gates open wide once the mark of truth is known.

White Thunder 2nd November 2007


We are the eyes for Mother Earth

We all walk upon the lands of many generations of time past, for now is the time to wake the inner candle that burns deep within each and all of us. The road beyond the eyes of man remains open to change. Charge the lights that burn deep within the heart of Mother Earth, acknowledge the ways through time enabling those who seek the balance of Peace and Harmony through the enlighten of many words written by the hand of the one whose peace rose from the pain and sorrows of mankind.

Wake the past that dwells deep within us all, never waste the life we have been given through deeds done by our forefathers. A teaching of the true way of living for the sake of mankind is the way through the clouds of disorder. Each cloud forms pockets of mistrust, seek the higher level of the mind, and understand words spoken by many. Each level of understanding opens up the unseen doorway that travels through time.

The misunderstanding of that which has been written, changes the hope that has been given. Many walk with the lack of knowing the truth, never judge those, seek the light, for the light shall remain for all to share. The hand of the true light shall bring forth the sword of truth, once written upon stone, now to shine through the darkest hours once more.

Many pictures release the unspoken words of time past, each marked with the name given. Hope remains to be unleashed for all that is to come. Peace.

White Thunder 31st October 2007

How a person can be fooled by a negative thought

Many things form in our minds without us realising it. Within a simple conversation with a person your thoughts and feelings towards them can change, this change can happen within a second. You might have heard words that you did not like or fully understand. This person might have been truthful to you, but because you did not like hearing the truth, your reaction of not accepting what was said changed your feelings instantly towards them. You stand and fight your corner when questioned, but are you fighting for yourself or are you justifying your reaction?

Many of us walk through life judging other peoples comments and actions, we all see in others traits that we do not like or agree with, but should you judge them and say that they are bad people or that they are walking in a mist of darkness, or taken over by a darker force? Before stepping onto the pathway of misunderstandings take a look at what the true picture is, is the picture you are seeing a picture of what is with you or around you? Just the same as looking in a mirror, the image that looks back at you is a reverse picture of yourself. So are you the one walking in the shadows of darkness and looking at what is around you and not around the person who has angered you, or is it really the one who you have judged without a jury of understanding?

Many continue to believe that they are clear of all negative energies and that some are blinkered and shadowed without knowing this themselves and that all they do and are doing is done under the control of the negative aspect of life.

Have we the right to spread the untruth about a person, or to pass judgement without really understanding the full picture of many actions? No is the answer, simply because only you have been angered not others. If your Mother or Father angered you would you pass that onto people who crossed your path? Why should you accuse when the accused has done no wrong, only to give an opinion or to show that they are strong enough to stand up for what they believe in no matter what. Can you say that this is wrong or that they are shadowed or surrounded in darkness?

Many of you will not understand what this all about but those who are guilty of participating in judging others will know why this has been written. Many of us call ourselves Peace Keepers in one way or another, for some is that a correct title? If the answer is yes, then you will not relate to this at all.

Blessings are given to you all with the hope of realisation of what we are all doing.

White Thunder 24th October 2007

Explore The Mind

Energies are of the universe, the universe is all. Positive and negative are in all man, plant kingdom, animal, insect and all forms of living, breathing organisms. Reach the balance within yourselves, once an equilibrium of the positive and negative energies have been reached the open walkways you tread upon will balance beneath the soils of Mother Earth’s outer covering, visual to the naked eye, beneath the soils rings of positive and negative energies form, radiating farm beyond the comprehension of man’s mind and thoughts. Many subjects are talked about relating to the ebb and flow of tides, waxing and waning of moons, angers and laughter, tears and joy, each of these labelled under many different forums, relates to the positive and negative energies. The unbalance of such forces bring many disasters to within the home, shores and many other of man’s existence of today. Shout the word ‘Peace’ and peace falls upon deaf ears, actions of each individual working towards peace has the strength of Truth and above all understanding. Man’s material creations destroys much of the balance of nature’s abundance, balancing the needs from the wants of these creations will change eventually, the imbalance of Mother Earth.

Within all who walk upon the earth, DNA of genes is passed from forefathers to forefathers. Each DNA structure coincides with the balance of man, woman and children of tomorrow. Within those who have the imbalance passed down from father/mother to child visual defects are noticed. Within each child, growth faltered through no fault of the one bearing the distortion, that may never change for those born with the defect of gene. Mother Earth carries the DNA and genes for all of mankind and the world of our animal, plant and insect kingdom. Her DNA/gene has been interfered with by the forces of greed, structures of her existence depends on all of us, not one but all living, breathing organisms. Change the way of thinking for the world, small footsteps of change travel far across all Nations.

Man changes nothing unless the needs through greed become far superior to the actual needs of the planet. Why waste another month to hear the heartbeat that weakens within the very skin that holds Planet Earth together? A ripe apple on a tree feeds many, the maggot that destroys the centre, will in the end destroy the whole apple, broken in two from the onset of rot pleases no one. This apple then is left alone to break and disappear into Mother Earth, this enables the soils to be enriched with nutrients once more. Man as a whole leaves no nutrients for Mother Earth to replenish the needs of mankind. Destroy the plant kingdom, the earth will crumble and break in two halves, destroy the sources beneath the soils, the rage that is contained within vast caverns will erupt and destroy all in the path from the angers filled. Release debris into the air and the plant kingdom that man will destroy will destroy the air through not giving back oxygen that is needed to survive.

Wake up! Listen to many words that are spoken through radio, television and Peace Keepers all around the world. A bleeding heart sustains no life, repair the bleed from the heart and life may continue.

White Thunder 18th October 2007

Peace Keepers Through Time

Many Peace Keepers through time have tried many times to bring the balance and harmony back to our Planet, Mother Earth, each have walked many roads and have fallen many times. Each have carried the cross of ridicule and slander, but have still continued their vocation in life, trying to share the knowledge and wisdom that comes from deep within their very heart and soul, they have had one thing in common the Earth and what is happening to our very umbilical cord of life for all of us.

Angers, pain and sorrow causes many vibrations of disturbance through and around the Earth. Joy, laughter and love vibrates through the distorted vibration of those angers, filling the air with warmth. Once man’s understanding of how we as a whole can change the destruction of our planet is recognised, in time the world as we know it will start to replenish and grow as the child in the home grows from a baby to an adult. This takes time, the planet will rejuvenate given enough time and will once again give us her bounty that she holds deep within her core of life.

We all have conversations and talk about the way Governments promise us better times, many of the words spoken are fruitless words as we know, things are changed not for the benefit of man but for the levels of greed, much is given with one hand and taken back with the other. Let us not do this to Mother Earth our planet, even the words spoken of untruths distort the lands through vibrations’ unseen by the human eye; radiate the love for the Earth through your steps taken to enhance her beauty so that many children to come will benefit a better place to live in. Many of us turn our backs not through ignorance of the way our world has become, but through lack of understanding and knowledge of how we as individuals can help to restore the natural balance of the Earth. Try not to look at the enormity of what needs to be done, look at it on a smaller scale for you, just as when a child takes its first steps nobody expects that child to run skip and jump straight away, we know in time that this child will walk tall along side man and become an individual in the chain of the human race. Little steps of that child in us all will enhance and allow the chain of growth for our planet to become reality, the seed that we sow will flourish and spread through the energies and vibrations that are part of our existence.

A little time to listen to the words of wisdom and knowledge shared by many Peace Keepers of today all around the world will help you to teach the child of tomorrow the way of becoming a Peace Keeper to our planet Mother Earth. Teach the ways of helping to preserve our lands by not abusing what is given and to only take a little of what is needed, leave a few seeds so that the new growth of hope will soon be all around us once more and the sacredness of Mother Earth will not be a an element of the past, let it be part of our future. That first step of the child is the step of the future.

White Thunder 23rd September 2007


Sacred Hoop Of Life

Walk amongst the many stones covering the life of those who gave all to help mankind, each footstep place down softly upon the grasses that surround the mark of time. Thoughts and prayers carry upon Mother Earth’s Breath, each word spoken from the heart and soul releases vibration for which each and all remembers those whose life was taken not in vain, but for the good of many.

Life of mankind continues, each memory of those whose life was taken stays within the heart of those True believers, each stone unturned shades what lies beneath, each cloud that forms shelters the debris of man’s misdoings.

Give only to those what is understood, never forego the way man’s life should exist, for those who share with me the nakedness of Mother Earth’s histories recognise the umbilical cord of all life, walk unite and share in the repair of the harm done by man’s greed.

Each walkway exists not for one but for all to share in the joys of all creations. The smallest of flowers brings joys to the heart sharing with all the wondrous gift of colour, gentleness and softness, man’s eye fails to gaze upon what has been given freely and passes by without noticing the flower swaying gently in the breezes of Mother Earth’s breath.

The Child grows with the knowledge passed on through the home, waste not the time to change the Child’s way of thinking and understanding of what life should be, encourage the Child to see, feel, and to take time to notice all that surrounds us, teach the beauties of Mother Earth’s Glory for the future of mankind, for the future of Mother Earth is for our children and their children’s children.

Make life of all the continuation of the very Sacred Hoop that has been bestowed upon us all.

White Thunder 17th June 2007

Message Given For All To Share

Each crystal that forms in pools of ice glistens with the brightness of tears shed by Father Sky. In each raindrop histories can be felt, for once raindrops fall upon the carpet of Mother Earth’s heart new beginnings begin to unfold. Waters seep through the soils that dwell beneath the blanket shared by all Nations, seeps through the crevices to once more be reborn to Father Sky, beginning the cycle of the raindrop once more.

Each root that covers many ancient soils grows thick amongst the debris shed by the old, the new and the unborn. Each cycle begins but never ends, each footstep placed down begins and where does it end?

Mankind reveals nothing of what is known from ancient teachings, reveal nothing of words spoken of time past for then nothing will remain for those to come.

White Thunder 5th June 2007

Histories are told through time, many words spoken then change once passed through cultures and beliefs. Once given from time passed, man’s openness begins to fade through lack of understanding through what is written. Many words written by those chosen to share many teachings from Ancient Ones go unnoticed, each word spoken reveals much of my being. Much can be felt from within if what is written is understood for those pathways are of Peace and Harmony. Share what is given by many who walked upon the ancient soils of Mother Earth.

Gateways form before each and all of those who acknowledge many words spoken of Truth. Peace Brothers and Sisters for I acknowledge your open hand of enlightenment.

Vibrations of many who walk within, upon and around the many valley’s of darkness begin to open doorways for many children to come. Within each footstep placed down with the openness of the heart will give back the Truth of what Mankind has forgotten from time past.

Many gaze upon the rose. The rose has many thorns, prick the finger with the thorn and blood shall seep through the open wound of the hand that held the rose and thorn. Acknowledge the thorn before the hand touches the rose and the pain will not be.

Understand what I have given with the love of many.

White Thunder 5th June 2007


Many messages from the Spirit World are given to share, some people turn away from the belief that there is life beyond, others are true believers who gain much from the Spirits of those who walk the Rainbow Bridge to Eternity. Each line of our lives cross many pathways, links through time cover many misunderstandings of many cultures. Judge not from what is passed down through the hand of many who judged the colour of the skin. Open the heart to those who have been misjudged through time, link together the hand of openness, join with each and all and walk upon the pathway of forgiveness, for forgiveness will start to bring forward a new beginning for us all.

Time itself lends a hand of nothing, man changes many rainbows through gates ways of greed. Many of us wish to continue to walk within the Seasons of Mother Earth’s Glory, each year changes through the wounds done to the very blanket that surrounds the very heart of Mother Earth.

Each night that falls upon us all, warmth and comfort is given to many, children rest in the love of our homes, covered by the softness that is given to shelter from the coldness of the night, blankets that cover and surround each and every one are disregarded once they begin to show the wear of time. Mother Earth’s Blanket shows much of mankind’s wear, each tear made upon the Earth joins together with many blemishes of what man as a whole has done. Time races upon the winds of old, for each second man continues to turn away from the damage caused through the lack of understanding, wounds are opening deeper and wider, much has to stop and change, for the sake of us all.

Many of us as children walked upon the sands of our shores, each footstep stayed upon the sands for others to follow, each footstep now washes away with the every changing tides of destruction, for the sands are forever decreasing. Why is this so hard to understand? Each turn of the tide is the turn of man’s gaze from reality of what is happening to Mother Earth. The seas are reclaiming much of the lands, cliffs that surround our shores are crumbling, inch by inch our planet is changing, some of the changes are visible to the naked eye but many cannot be seen, underneath the soils we walk upon life continues to be destroyed, movement ceases to become the normal pattern of the pathway Mother Earth our planet has always taken, by this I mean the movement now that occurs below our lands causes the shift of things beyond the boundaries of normality, causing many other abnormal occurrences to take place around the world of today.

Many lives are taken through these changes, much depends now upon us all to actually stop and wake up to the fact that each and every one of us has become the destroyer of all life as we know; Mother Earth in turn has now become the destroyer of the one who destroyed.

Many battles over the centuries have been fought and are still are being continued, we all know of these and know that many lives were and are being taken, but each and all fought and still fight with the convictions of their beliefs, many judge what is and has happened through time. Everybody on this planet has one thing in common and that is the Earth we all walk upon and feed from, so now why not JOIN HANDS and fight for Mother Earth as one, and help resurrect the very heart and soul of all lands together, so that we may all continue to enjoy the beauty that we have been given so freely since time begun for mankind.

Take a moment in time, feel through the heart and soul, understand the many words spoken by many cultures on how we can all help to change the world of today and start to heal the very essence of Mother Earth.

Angers and pain can destroy many other things, marriages, friendship and many more walkways of our lives. If we all try to understand the why’s and wherefores of those angers and pain and to find the answers within ourselves instead of closing the door on the one who has done the wrong, if we all try to give a little more of love, warmth and compassion and seek the understanding, then the first footsteps of recognition will be the first footsteps for a new beginning.

White Thunder 30th May 2007


Many of us need to believe that we are doing much to help Mother Earth, but are we sure of what we are about? Think of how you or I take part in the destruction of the planet, can we say we are not a part of that? Or are you making a mistake in not consciously trying to change a little in the way you live.

If we share the blame for what is happening all around the planet then each of us could share in the repairing of many visual and unseen changes that are occurring each second of each minute. Much depends on mankind; the shift of the Earth causes much to disappear from the pathways of our existence.

Never be misguided that all will stay the same and that we as a whole, the Human Race, will continue to breath the air as we know of today. Rains cascade through many lands, much destruction can be seen for the waters flow through many towns destroying all within that pathway. Man is the destroyer and man is destroyed through lack of knowledge and the understanding of what we are doing and the harmful wounds we are causing to our Mother, Mother Earth.

Each Home can assist Mother Earth in her duties, change our way of thinking and understanding the horrors that are happening all around us and then Mother Earth will survive for many of our children’s, children to come. If each and all turn the tides of mans way of taking and thinking, then slowly things will become stable for each and all once more.

We all feel the pain of losing a beloved one, scars can be seen upon the hand that has been cut, why do we fail to see the damage of Mother Earth? She bears many scars and open wounds that need to be healed and cleansed. Gaze upon the vast amount of concrete that surrounds the lands of today, each field that once sheltered many of Mothers Natures trees and grasses and gave shelter to the small creatures that walked within, now harbours very little of the beauties of Mother Earths Creations.

Everything that survives on our Planet carries within vibrations and energies, distort those vibrations and the energies begin to fade, lights cease to glow in the dark if the cables that hold the electricity that we all depend upon become damaged, what does man do? Repairs the damaged cable so that we have bright lights once more, Mother Earth’s lights are fading, why we are all not trying to repair her cable so that her light will burn bright for all to share, I fail to understand. I know I want to be able to walk amongst Mother Earth’s Glory for a long time to come, and to see many children playing upon fields of green, don’t you?

Many words spoken by those who sit upon the seats governed by our Laws distort the Truth. If all would share in the acknowledgement of what leads to the destruction of Mother Earth, then pathways will open to enable our Planet to become once again rich in the resources and to allow us all to breathe cleaner air that was so freely given.

As we all know things change from day to day, but is it for the good or to harm our Planet? That you will have to choose and decide how you as an individual can change and work towards a better place for all to share. Many of the changes that have occurred in the world of today can never stop, as Humans we share that with each and everyone, the way we use the resources found below the earth and on the sea bed, but if we channel our uses to a minimum then things will slow down enough to enable Mother Earth to replenish much of what has been taken. Continue to waste what we all use and man’s world will destroy the very thing that we all depend upon to exist and that is Mother Earth our Planet.

We all share the beauties that surround each and everyone, start to change and alleviate the mass destruction of our Planet together, teach from within the home the guide lines you wish to adhere to, walk amongst the roses of love, and see the glory that once shone brightly amongst many wonders of Mother Natures Gifts.

Picture Albums hold many memories for all of us to share; do you wish the way our Planet is to become just a MEMORY in a picture book?

White Thunder 24th May 2007

Man’s Existence

Every second of every hour things change all around us, much of which we fail to see, things go unnoticed from the time we close our eyes to the time we awake. Most of us gaze through our windows to see what the weather is doing, whether it is raining or if the sun is shining through. The weather is one of the things that we all notice, but do we understand the part the weather plays for all of us? ‘Yes’, you might say, we need rain for water, sun for growth and warmth, but is that all? Every second of our lives Mother Earth contributes to our very existence, she shares all with each and every one of us.

The unity between Father Sky and Mother Earth is the Sacred Hoop of life, distort this balance between the Earth and the Sky and we all suffer through climate and land changes and many other disasters which will affect each and every one of us for many years to come.

If we fail to recognise the infection we as mankind have caused to Mother Earth, then life as we all recognise and know will dramatically change. We can all say ‘well I do my best’, but do we honestly do our utmost to help the reconstruction of our planet, or do we all contribute to the destruction? Much exists for us to use, for each growth of a single seed feeds many through a gradual process of reproduction. Eat that one seed and fail to plant the life giving seed to form many for more to share, will halt the very existence of that food source. Mother Earth gives many seeds freely for us to share and reproduce.

Father Sky replenishes the earth with nutrients and waters the growth of new beginnings that lie beneath the soils. Pollution damages not only Mother Earth and Father Sky but also the very jacket that surrounds our very soul. We all care for our bodies and sometime or another show signs of infection, this might be through a simple spot on our skin or a sore throat through having a cold, but we all try to clear up the infection, so why can’t we care for our Planet and start to heal Mother Earth’s open wounds, sores and blemishes?

If each of us can start to re think more of how we can change our ways and use only what we really need to cope for life of today, then many candles will burn upon the sands of time, each grain will glow once again with the vibrations of the warmth love and understanding that was once freely given and for all to share in the very existence of mankind.

White Thunder 16th May 2007

Within the circle of life what we know of Truth becomes distorted by many. Within each grain of the corn life lays dormant. Begin surfacing of sacredness through the ears of the corn.

Much can damage through others misdoings. Place before the window of own soul, ask yourself works to be done. Guidance comes from afar, feel, hear, understand the ways written. Each doorway opened with lack of guidance from afar will distort many vibrations of Ancient Ones.

Understandings of much, little or nothing vibrate upon the winds of change. Distort own vibrations for which clouds gather changes nothing of angers, misdoings or misunderstandings.

Teach only from what is felt from within your own soul. That of man’s doing changes nothing. Teach from within the heart, the soul, the body and the mind’s eye, wins through clouds of injustice. Each doorway given judge not, take time, slow movement through each understandings will be given.

Many falter from time past, present and what future will bring. Despair towards many harbours coldness, warmth and understanding changes within time unnoticed by each and all.

Many walk towards the waters to drink, but once given the pool to quench the thirst retracts from what is known. Lead those to waters of understandings, let them choose whether to quench own thirst or leave with dryness. Each word given speak with the tongue of understanding not with the tongue of fear through which many walk from the pathway offered.

Teach the love of Mother Earth and Mother Earth will cradle those words spoken with the Love the warmth and bring forth new energies for which new growth will sustain her heartbeat.

Teach only of destruction, pain and horror of what is done by many of today places the mind behind closed doors. Each footstep hardens for each who closes doors of the mind.

Patience, understanding and the gift of love will enhance the gift of the minds eye.

White Thunder 12th March 2007

Many temptations in life walk hand in hand with each and all of us, never gain through misdoings to others. Raise the hand of forgiveness and share in the beauty of what surrounds us. Many falter along each chosen pathway, never judge for judgement of others reflects upon the window of own doorway. All that we do, understand for the Truth lies within. Many hurts and the pain that is carried within shelters only shadows, release the hurt and the pain begins to dwindle, teach the warmth and share the Love that each and everyone carries within the heart and soul.

Mother Earth’s bleeding heart carries the hurt and pain that man has done, for each rock that is removed and each hole that is dug leaves the openness of many wounds that never heal. Begin to understand what has to be done, heal the lands that each and every one of us share, so that many to come will walk the pathways of old and share in the joys that are a gift from Mother Earth’s Sacred Heart.

Many forgive, many forget what has been done, but those who carry the pain deep within will walk only through shadows. Release all pains and begin to walk upon the pathway to enlightenment for forgiveness will always walk the pathway to Eternity.

White Thunder 3rd February 2007

Love is like the morning breeze, caresses and touches the very soul,
Life is an empty vessel if nothing is understood.
The love we all share from the arms of Mother Earth allows each and everyone to once again walk within the Harmony and balance of what life should be.
Touch the Earth beneath our feet, feel the vibrations of all that dwells deep within.
Give only but a second in time and share in remembering the ones who gave up their life so that we may walk in freedom upon the sands of time.
Winds carry whispers through many lands, each whisper cherish the words spoken.
Touch the hand of a stranger, for the stranger holds no judgement for what you have done.

White Thunder 6th March 2007




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